Snippets from Lily Mensah – 4 July 2014

lily_mensahJackie:  Good morning Lily @ladymensah, so lovely to have u here as my Guest – morning all. Lily plse tell us about your biz

Lily:  Personal Branding for the socially conscious supporting entreprenuers and professionals to create visibility online and offline.

Jackie:  How do u deliver that Lily?

Lily:  its done through face-to-face or phone. From your LinkedIn profile to your cv. Wardrobe consultation etc. Continue reading

Snippets from Erika Watson – 20 June 2014

Erika_watsonJackie:  Here we go! ‘morning Erika – hope you’re sitting comfy… Plse tell us something about Prowess

Erika:  @prowessHQ  Prowess is an online centre and blogging platform for women. Our vision is an environment where women in business can flourish

Jackie:  Always an excellent organisation in my experience – what’s your role there Erika?

Erika:  I’m editor and director of Prowess. We also have 12 regular columnists and 100+ occasional contributors. Continue reading

Snippets from Angela Morris – 13 June 2014

Angela_R_MorrisJackie:  Good morning Angie @angiestrategy – Everyone – how are we this glorious sunny Friday!!

Angela:  Feeling a bit nervous but fine!

Jackie:  Delighted to have you as my guest today, plse tell us something abt your biz?

Angela:  Well Jackie I am an entrepreneur who supports SMEs and start-ups, copy writing and training Continue reading

Snippets from Valerie Dwyer – 6 June 2014

Valerie_DwyerJackie:   Good morning Valerie and how are you this glorious day?

Do u have techno gremlins this morning?

Valerie:  @valeriedwyer  TRUE! techno gremlins – the wires obviously buzzing

Jackie:  O dear, let’s hope they admit defeat!

Valerie:  They WILL!

Jackie:  gr8 plse share with us details of your biz Continue reading

Snippets from Sarah Arrow – 30 May 2014

Sarah_ArrowJackie:  Good morning everyone and a very warm welcome to my special Guest @SarahArrow:

Jackie:  Sarah, plse tell us abt your biz.

Sarah:  it’s a people business, involves sharing the stories of everyday business people http:…

Jackie:  Cool! So how does that happen, how do u share with peeps? do u have url u can give? Continue reading

Snippets from Star Monroe – 23 May 2014

Goddess_Star_Monroe_pole_dancer_portraitJackie:  Good morning Star @starmonroe – how r u today, see u’ve been busy Yoga, etc Plse share with us info re your biz

Goddess Star-Monroe:  Im all about superstar personal transformation I teach 40+ women how to get their sparkle & wonderment back about life

Jackie:  Brilliant! If u were to start over again, wld u do anything differently?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  I’ve learnt so much from my past mistakes ;) The biggest u cant do it on your own. Ask for help & get an awesome team Continue reading

Snippets from Britt Whyatt – 16 May 2014

Britt WhyattJackie:  Good sunny morning Britt! @shewhobakes1  Everyone. How are you?

Britt:  Morning, I’m very well thank you. Just made a caramel latte! Xo

Jackie:  sounds v yum, I’m more of an Adam’s Ale ;)  Plse tell us about your biz

Britt:  I am a baker and cake decorator, also run a busy baking blog, tutor & journalist! Continue reading

Snippets from Jenny Robertson – 4 May 2014

jenny_robertsonJackie:  Very Good morning Jenny! Jenny Robertson @JennyRo64616776 Welcome to #1230KISS & to all our viewers *wave* have your legal questions ready

Jenny:  Thanks Jackie, nice to be here! Hello everyone

Jackie:   Jenny plse tell us something abt your biz

Jenny:  I’m a corporate lawyer which means I help clients with starting, organising, buying and selling businesses and companies Continue reading

Snippets from Jenny Brewster – 25 April 2014

Jenny_BrewsterJackie:  #1230KISS – morning everyone & special welcome to our guest Jenny Brewster Hey Jenny!

Jenny:  @postcastacademy  Morning Jackie – bear with me and the technology LOl x

Jackie:  technology! always challenging us – plse tell us abt your biz Jenny

Jenny:  I’ll be using a mixture of tchat, twitter and hootsuite – just in case Continue reading

Snippets from Susan Popoola – 21 March 2014

Susan_popoolaJackie:  Good morning Susan @susanpopoola: – everyone! how r u today Susan?

Susan:   Good morning Jackie: and everyone else at #1230KISS

Jackie:  Glorious day! plse tell us abt your biz Susan:

Susan:  Conning Towers is a Human Resources Strategy organisation aimed at getting the most out of resources.

Jackie:  do u have a web site url for peeps, Susan:?

Susan:  The url for my website is

Jackie:  Excellent! so any time for reading business books?

Susan:  It’s not always easy, but I try to fit a bit in. currently reading Margaret Heffernan’s new book “A Bigger Price”

Having read Margaret Heffernan’s Wilfull Blindness it’s a must read for me

Jackie:  sounds interesting & one to add to my list. What’s been the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Susan:  Scariest thing – Risked relationships by telling difficult truths

Jackie:  oooo hope it worked out ok. What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Susan:  I’ve done it a few times and in the long run – it works out! :-)

Best Advice – Just Do IT! (I’m known to overthink things & at times think myself out of doing things)

Jackie:  given that these are scary, what’s success abt 4 u – is it all abt £

Susan:  Having a positive impact, bringing clarity, bringing out the value in things & especially people – money is the icing

Jackie:  r u a champagne or beer & skittles gal?

Susan:  Lol! Cider – though out of the two I’ll go for the champagne :-)

Jackie:  is there something u’d like to promote for our viewers *wave* Susan:

Susan:  Thk you. I love young pp & have a very specific focus on them and what they offer to organisations..

Therefore – My review to help organisations effectively Employ & Engage Young People. (Did a workshop on this recently)

Jackie:  I believe u have a Review, can u share the url with us?

Susan:  If people contact me via the website I will be able to provide specific details on the young pp review

Jackie:  gr8! last question coming up – that’s gone quickly this morning!

Where would u b on a rainy day for your biz?

Susan:  Time has indeed flown by :-) They say it’s what happens when you’re having fun! ;-)

Next book is around the skills that we need at all levels for the 21st century. working title – Revaluation of a Working People

Jackie:  So u heard it hear first folks – title of Susan’s next book!! Thnx so much for your time Susan:, hope u enjoyed….

Susan:  Thank you Jackie: – I really and truly enjoyed. I hope everyone else did too!



Snippets from Felicity Dunderdale – 28 March 2014

felicity_dunderdaleJackie:  Here we go! ‘morning Felicity@Fore_Women – Everyone! how r u today?

Felicity:  Great thank you, raring to go

Jackie:  Excellent! would u plse tell our viewers about your business?

Felicity:  Encourages women that play or want to play golf and helps golf clubs attract more women to their club

Jackie:  interesting… so any particular location Felicity?

Felicity:  Mainly in Kent and growing into Essex and Surrey, vision to become global

Jackie:  so success for u would be?

Felicity:  For me success is recognition of being the golf brand for women, any level of ability

Jackie:  do u have anything u’d like to promote with us today?

Felicity:  Yes, I’m hosting a women’s golf event for beginners @TudorPark on Wed 11 Jun, with guest beginner golfer

Jackie:  Do u have a url for us plse?

Felicity:  Sign-up for FREE to join the community and receive newsletter with full details

Jackie:  what quality suits u better – maverick or entrepreneur?

Felicity:  I’d say Entrepreneur, always have new ideas to help and improve

Jackie:  last question coming up Felicity, gone so quickly this morning! ….

Jackie:  who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers & what’s scariest thing you’ve done? = 2 Qs :)

Felicity:  I’d definitely like dragon jones and Daniel Priestley at my dinner table – inspirational

Felicity:  Scariest thing I’ve done, white water rafting in NZ & going to a golf club b4 I started to play to enquire membership

Jackie:  interesting! look where u r now! obviously the way to go. Thnx so much for your time – hope u enjoyed….

Felicity:  Yes thanks, enjoyed it loads. Grateful for the opportunity and to welcome new women to my golf vision

Look 4ward 2 seeing u F on Weds

Fabulous, c u Wed. Have a great weekend everyone

Jackie:  watch out for coming weeks with Dion Johnson, Vanessa Spiers, Jennifer Jane Brewster, Sarah Arrow, Clover Lewis..

Snippets from Marina Gask – 28 February 2014

Marina_GaskJackie:  mmmmmmah! Marina Gask-Ajani @marinagaskmedia is our lovely guest today – come join us any second now over on Twitter, just follow the hashtag…

Marina:  Ready and waiting – hope this won’t hurt!

Jackie:  LOL! No, it’s quite painless, promise! OK – let’s go! ‘Morning Marina, everyone – how r u today?

Marina:  Morning! Fine and dandy thanks Continue reading

Snippets from Karen Bashford – 14 February 2014

Karen_BashfordJackie:  morning everyone & special guest Karen Bashford – how r u today Karen? @karenb101

Karen:  I am great thank you looking forward to our chat.

Jackie:  Here we go! Plse share with us *wave* viewers, abt your biz

Karen:  I work with women to have more money in business or personally Continue reading

Snippets from Sam Cooper-Davidson – 7 February 2014

Sam_CooperDavidsonJackie:  morning everyone on this lovely sunny day – we can pretend & to Twitterview guest Sam Cooper-Davidson @applePA1

Sam:  at least the sun is shining a little bit?

Jackie:  hope all’s good with u – plse tell our viewers something abt your biz?

Sam:  applePA is a Virtual PA business. We support clients with call handling, email/diary management, call handling and much more Continue reading

Snippets from Joanna Slater – 31 January 2014

JoannaSlaterJackie:  Good morning everyone and special guest Joanna @joannaslater how are you?

Joanna:  Good morning Jackie and everyone lovely to be here

Jackie:  so glad u can join us, plse tell us something abt your biz

Joanna:  written a book The Last Six Months, about my mother who went into hospital for a hip op, still in hospital died in 6 months  Continue reading

Snippets from Ali Meehan – 24 January 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJackie:  Coffee ready?

Ali: @alimeehan   Morning “rain doesn’t stay mainly on the plain” Spain Raining heavily with me!

Jackie: Please tell us something of your business

Ali: Costa Women is a free social & business networking community for Women living in Spain Continue reading

Snippets from Christine Collen – 13 January 2014

Christine CollenChristine:  @cjcollen: ready to rock with twitterview  / morning!

Jackie:  ‘morning Christine – everyone! gloriously sunny here – hope it is with u / Christine, plse tell us something abt biz

Christine:  morning all. I build & host business web sites. I make having a web presence as simple as poss

Jackie:  so valuable to have someone u can trust with that, do u have link to yr w/site for us? Continue reading