May 2011 archive

Snippets from Karen Skidmore

Friday 27 May, we are delighted to have Karen Skidmore of CanDoCanBe as our Twitterview Guest.

Karen teaches small business owners how to use web tech tools. Email newsletters, blogs, social media and how they tie together

Jackie: so I’m guessing that you’ll be very busy then, social media so essential as part of marketing strategy

Karen: yes but I don’t believe social media is essential to marketing. You’ve got to take it seriously but only so many hrs in the day!

Snippets from Rebecca Leathlean

Friday 20 May, we were delighted to have Rebecca Leathlean of Alhambra Home & Garden as our Twitterview Guest.

Becca’s business is a Spanish-themed homeware and gift shop with a tea and tapas room, event and art gallery, based in Sydenham, South London

Jackie: I understand you have a new web site, please share the url…


Jackie:  what keeps you awake at night with excitement re your business?

Becca: I’ve just heard that we’re finalists in the South London Business Awards “Best New Business” category.

Jackie: Congratulations on that, we’ll keep everything crossed!

Becca:  Also, am busy working with others to turn Kirkdale into a bohemian cultural quarter! See facebook ‘Kirkdale Village”

Jackie: Are you a champagne or beer & skittles type of girl

Becca: Definitely champagne dahling!

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Next week we have Karen Skidmore of CanDoCanBe with us – see you there!

Snippets from Karen Bashford #1230KISS

We were delighted to have Karen Bashford as our latest Twitterview Guest.

Karen provides financial education and coaching for individuals and couples to manage their finances to be financially free and as a Tarot reader and a Reiki Master Karen is able to help the whole person.

Jackie: That’s pretty powerful stuff then. Which quality would you prefer to work with? entrepreneur or maverick?

Karen: I prefer to work with an entrepreneur, as I can be a bit of a maverick myself and need the calmness of an entrepreneur

Jackie:  What advice would you like to pass on?