June 2011 archive

Snippets from Jane Kenyon @divadomrocks – 24 June 2011

Jackie:  Good morning everyone & a v warm welcome to special Guest Jane Kenyon @divadomrocks – how r u this morning Jane?

Jane: outstanding jackie and raring to go

Jackie: welcome Jane! if you’d like to tell us a bit about yr business plse

Jane: i am passionate about female empowerment so my mission is to inspire women and teenage girls to step up and shine EVERY DAY!

Snippets from Wendy Mason @wwisewolf – 17 June 2011

Jackie:  #1230KISS Good morning everyone, and a very special welcome to our Twitterview Guest this morning – Wendy Mason @WWisewolf

 Jackie: good morning Wendy, hope all’s well with you, could we begin with your telling us a bit about your business.

 Wendy: coach, blog and consult on change – transitions – business, organisations, career and life

 Jackie: bit about you Wendy, are you a smoked salmon of fish n chips kind of gal?