October 2011 archive

Snippets from Jackie Walker – 28 October 2011

Jackie WalkerJackieG: Good morning Jackie! & a v warm welcome to u & our #1230KISS “viewers”. How r u?

JackieW: good morning, I’m feeling magically wonderful thank you!

JackieG:  Wonderful! plse tell us something about yr business Jackie

JackieW:  I support people to feel at home in their own skin so that they can create loving and successful relationships and I also create short videos #bletherreport each day which draw wisdom from nature (more…)

Snippets from Caroline Marsh – 21 October 2011

Caroline MarshJackie:  Good sunny morning everyone & a v warm welcome to our Special Guest Caroline Marsh

How r u Caroline?

Caroline: I am great Thanks Jackie and how are you all doing?

Jackie:  g8t Caroline, thnx, wld u tell us something about your business plse?

Caroline:  Serial Entrepreneur, Property Investor latest baby helping aspiring entrepreneurs take their idea from Concept to Cash in 90 Days (more…)

Snippets from Penny Power – 14 October 2011

Penny PowerPenny Power:  My first Twitter based interview – 10.30am GMT -NOW

1230KISS/Heather Bond:  Good morning and welcome, Lovely to have you here. Yes she is 🙂

Penny:  sorry, I should have said Heather, Jackie is somewhere glamorous isn’t she

1230KISS/Heather: Love to reconnect again. Penny can you tell us a bit about your business? (more…)

Snippets from Fiona Coppard – 7 October 2011

Good morning everyone & a very warm welcome to our 1230TWC Special Member Guest this morning Fiona Coppard – Hi Fi & welcome

Fi, would u plse tell us something about your exciting new business

Fi:  I’m very excited about my new smart nutrition business as I want to help people feel great about themselves

Jackie: I can imagine how exciting & different that is for you – something about u – r u a beer & skittles Gal or champagne? (more…)

@fionacoppard #1230KISS Wow! that’s a great opportunity, careful of everyone beating down your doors!

Snippets from Sue Stockdale – 30 September 2011

Sue Stockdale

Jackie:  Good morning and welcome to #1230KISS, and welcome @suestockdale who is joining us this morning. Hi Sue.

Sue: Good morning everyone

Jackie:  Sorry a small tech hitch It’s lovely to have you here – tell us a little bit about your business please

Sue: My business is helping people to achieve seemingly impossible goals!

That might be getting better in business, or going to their North Pole

I inspire them to believe it is possible and then help them take practical actions to achieve it (more…)