January 2012 archive

Snippets with Hela Wozniak-Kay – 20 January 2012

Jackie:   Good morning Everyone & a v special warm exciting welcome to our Guest Hela  @SisterSnog – how r u Hela?

Hela:  I’m super fine thanks Jackie. And yourself?

Jackie:    Delighted to have u here – Hela plse tell us something about yr business

Hela:  Sister Snog is a selective club that connects smart, sassy business women looking for a refreshing way to get connected. (more…)

Snippets from Andrea P Vybz – 13 January 2012

Jackie:  Good morning everyone & a very warm welcome to Andrea of @PlayvybzDotCom How r u Andrea

Andrea:  Hi Jackie and 1230 Ladies, I’m doing great-how are you?! X

Andrea:  Here we go! In 2007 I saw ppl doing Internet radio, thought I could offer smthng tht was mssing-spptv envnmt 4 women…

I started as a DJ while @ Uni, left to pursue @PlayVybzDotCom I used bus. Cons; soundproofing+IT experts+ shared vision  (more…)

@1230kiss Good morning everyone & a very warm welcome to Andrea of @PlayvybzDotCom How r u Andrea #1230KISS

Snippets from Evelyne Brink – 6 January 2012

Jackie:  I’m here Good morning to you both! / midwife just left, @EvelyneBrink with us in a second 🙂

MORNING Evelyne, morning everyone – here we go! Evelyne plse tell us something about your business

Evelyne:  HI Jackie! IN a nutshell, I’m helping creative souls to prosper…

Morning @PaolaBagnall, morning Ali over there in #Spain big *waves* @CostaWomen

Jackie: Evelyne, could u expand on that a little plse, how do u help them prosper (more…)