October 2012 archive

Snippets from Gloria Halim – 26 October 2012

Jackie:  GOOD MORNING Gloria Halim @gloriaHFHF #world & #1230KISS’ ers – how r u Gloria

Gloria:  I’m good Jackie. How are you?

Jackie:  Good thank you Gloria, plse tell us something about your business

Gloria:  I help and support people especially business and professional women improve their health & lifestyle (more…)

Snippets from Debbie Lock – 19 October 2012

Jackie:  Good morning Debbie! @Jobfindersltd and all our fab followers. how r u this morning? #1230KISS

Jackie:  @WWisewolf thanks Wendy for joining us, I’m sure you’ll enjoy

Debbie:  Good morning Jackie, we’re well and hope you are too.

Jackie:  airwaves very slow this morning, stick with it, plse say Hi all u lurkers 🙂 (more…)

Snippets from Bieneosa Ebite – 12 October 2012

Jackie:  Good morning everyone and welcome to @bieneosa of #CroydonRadio. How r u today?

Bieneosa:  I’m good thanks – hope you are too!

Jackie:  Not too bad. Now for your 1st question: Could you please tell us about your business?

Bieneosa:  I run Bright Star PR: helping organisations to raise their profile, tell stories & connect with people – I’m also a presenter on @CroydonRadio covering news, politics and business in #Croydon (more…)

Snippets from Michele Cole – 5 October 2012

Michele Cole, 1230KISS, 1230 The Women's Company, networking, business, businesswomen, womenJackie:  gloriously sunny welcome to everyone & special guest Michele Cole @mmmcole – how r u Michele?

Michele:  l‘m good thankyou, glorious day

Jackie:  great – plse tell us something about your business to get us started

Michele:  I help SME’s, individuals and families to find private healthcare to suit their needs (more…)