Snippets from Liza Radley – 29 August 2014

Liza_Radley_140910Jackie:  ‘Morning Liza! @weirdsid  Liza Radley – Everyone – so excited to have u as guest today… How r things with u, ready to go?

Liza:  I certainly am!

Jackie:  So this morning’s a little different as Liza’s not in biz – plse tell us a bit abt yourself.

Liza:  I have bipolar disorder & can’t work but I speak to media/students etc re mental health & I’m a photographer!

Jackie:  Bipolar must be tough, but speaking rewarding?

Liza:  Very, gives me a chance to educate but also for people to speak about their problems!

Jackie:  I wonder if anyone out there has any questions for Liza?

Liza:  Ask as many questions as you want & I’ll try & answer them all!

Jackie:  So – tell us about your photography – what do like to “shoot”, do u have gallery we can see?

Liza:  My favourites are old buildings/graveyards but I do a lot of candid shots also!

I entered my first competition last weekend which was great fun!

I always knew I was bipolar but it took 22 years for diagnosis. It was a long process as there were drug/alcohol problems to rule out.

Jackie:  what was the #photography #competition pic of?

Liza:  Yes I take photos of all 10 of my own animals most days!

It was to capture 24 hours in Bristol, my time slot was early morning. Bristol’s basically a non stop party!

Jackie:  What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Liza:  Look back & learn from the past but don’t live in it, make plans but don’t live in tomorrow.

Jackie:  Who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Liza:  My great friends Richard (@theequityman) & Hugh (@facts4life_org) & Franz Kafka!

Jackie:  So – tell us about your photography – what do like to “shoot”, do u have gallery we can see?

Liza:  Mostly on instagram & vine. User name WeirdSid!

Jackie:  Great stuff! Smoke salmon or fish n chips for u?

Liza:  Fish & chips – I’m too down to earth for smoked salmon!

Jackie:  Love it! Last question coming up Liza – it’s been fab having u join us, hope u’ve enjoyed! Do u have something…

Before we go, do u have something u’d like to promote with us Liza?

Liza:  World Mental Health Day on October 10. 1 in 4 of UK population has MH problems. This year the focus is schizophrenia.

I blog re mental health at

Jackie:  thnx again Liza – everyone, have fab dry w/e, see u next week, same time, same place

Liza:  Thanks for having me, it’s been great fun!!

Jackie:  My pleasure! Look forward to meeting soon… x

Liza:  Yes, I’m looking forward to my next visit to Bromley!

Snippets from Jane Rogers – 15 August 2014

Jane_RogersJackie:  Here we go! morning Jane @jane_rogers / Everyone & welcome! Jane plse tell us abt your biz

Jane:  Morning all! I help businesses and charities promote themselves and reach more clients through public relations.

This involves looking at what they say and how they say it to their ‘publics’ making sure they reach the right people at the right time, in the right way.

Jackie:  interesting! how do u do that?

Jane:  It’s not just about journalists, it’s blogs, web and social media too. It’s about great content to get them noticed! Continue reading

Snippets from Emily Miller – 1 August 2014

Emily_MillerJackie:   Morning everyone & very warm welcome to my special guest Emily @LinkedinTutors.

Emily how are you today

Emily:    @LinkedinTutors  Super Jackie – just not the best typist! Sorry for the blank tweet!

Jackie:  LOL, please tell us something abt your biz

Emily: I help businesses use the power of #LinkedIn to get more clients and raise their profile & I love what I do

I’ve developed an online LinkedIn training course w/ the fab@kirstenhodgson specifically for #lawyers  Continue reading

Snippets from Anita Burke – 25 July 2014

Anita_BurkeJackie:  Good morning Anita @buzzbeekids - everyone – fab sunny day.. Thnx 4 joining us, let’s get started!

Plse tell us abt your biz Anita

Buzz Bee Kids:  I started it 3 years ago in Elmers End selling preloved and new childrens clothes toys and gifts.

It’s a crazy labour of love but i am still smiling!!

Jackie:  Wow bet that goes down a bomb as children get little wear on clothing! Where did u get idea from?

Buzz Bee Kids:  I don’t have any children but I think that’s what made me be more objective, I have many friends who have children…. Continue reading

Snippets from Lily Mensah – 4 July 2014

lily_mensahJackie:  Good morning Lily @ladymensah, so lovely to have u here as my Guest – morning all. Lily plse tell us about your biz

Lily:  Personal Branding for the socially conscious supporting entreprenuers and professionals to create visibility online and offline.

Jackie:  How do u deliver that Lily?

Lily:  its done through face-to-face or phone. From your LinkedIn profile to your cv. Wardrobe consultation etc. Continue reading

Snippets from Erika Watson – 20 June 2014

Erika_watsonJackie:  Here we go! ‘morning Erika – hope you’re sitting comfy… Plse tell us something about Prowess

Erika:  @prowessHQ  Prowess is an online centre and blogging platform for women. Our vision is an environment where women in business can flourish

Jackie:  Always an excellent organisation in my experience – what’s your role there Erika?

Erika:  I’m editor and director of Prowess. We also have 12 regular columnists and 100+ occasional contributors. Continue reading

Snippets from Angela Morris – 13 June 2014

Angela_R_MorrisJackie:  Good morning Angie @angiestrategy – Everyone – how are we this glorious sunny Friday!!

Angela:  Feeling a bit nervous but fine!

Jackie:  Delighted to have you as my guest today, plse tell us something abt your biz?

Angela:  Well Jackie I am an entrepreneur who supports SMEs and start-ups, copy writing and training Continue reading

Snippets from Valerie Dwyer – 6 June 2014

Valerie_DwyerJackie:   Good morning Valerie and how are you this glorious day?

Do u have techno gremlins this morning?

Valerie:  @valeriedwyer  TRUE! techno gremlins – the wires obviously buzzing

Jackie:  O dear, let’s hope they admit defeat!

Valerie:  They WILL!

Jackie:  gr8 plse share with us details of your biz Continue reading

Snippets from Sarah Arrow – 30 May 2014

Sarah_ArrowJackie:  Good morning everyone and a very warm welcome to my special Guest @SarahArrow:

Jackie:  Sarah, plse tell us abt your biz.

Sarah:  it’s a people business, involves sharing the stories of everyday business people http:…

Jackie:  Cool! So how does that happen, how do u share with peeps? do u have url u can give? Continue reading

Snippets from Star Monroe – 23 May 2014

Goddess_Star_Monroe_pole_dancer_portraitJackie:  Good morning Star @starmonroe – how r u today, see u’ve been busy Yoga, etc Plse share with us info re your biz

Goddess Star-Monroe:  Im all about superstar personal transformation I teach 40+ women how to get their sparkle & wonderment back about life

Jackie:  Brilliant! If u were to start over again, wld u do anything differently?

Goddess Star-Monroe:  I’ve learnt so much from my past mistakes ;) The biggest u cant do it on your own. Ask for help & get an awesome team Continue reading

Snippets from Britt Whyatt – 16 May 2014

Britt WhyattJackie:  Good sunny morning Britt! @shewhobakes1  Everyone. How are you?

Britt:  Morning, I’m very well thank you. Just made a caramel latte! Xo

Jackie:  sounds v yum, I’m more of an Adam’s Ale ;)  Plse tell us about your biz

Britt:  I am a baker and cake decorator, also run a busy baking blog, tutor & journalist! Continue reading

Snippets from Jenny Robertson – 4 May 2014

jenny_robertsonJackie:  Very Good morning Jenny! Jenny Robertson @JennyRo64616776 Welcome to #1230KISS & to all our viewers *wave* have your legal questions ready

Jenny:  Thanks Jackie, nice to be here! Hello everyone

Jackie:   Jenny plse tell us something abt your biz

Jenny:  I’m a corporate lawyer which means I help clients with starting, organising, buying and selling businesses and companies Continue reading

Snippets from Jenny Brewster – 25 April 2014

Jenny_BrewsterJackie:  #1230KISS – morning everyone & special welcome to our guest Jenny Brewster Hey Jenny!

Jenny:  @postcastacademy  Morning Jackie – bear with me and the technology LOl x

Jackie:  technology! always challenging us – plse tell us abt your biz Jenny

Jenny:  I’ll be using a mixture of tchat, twitter and hootsuite – just in case Continue reading

Snippets from Susan Popoola – 21 March 2014

Susan_popoolaJackie:  Good morning Susan @susanpopoola: – everyone! how r u today Susan?

Susan:   Good morning Jackie: and everyone else at #1230KISS

Jackie:  Glorious day! plse tell us abt your biz Susan:

Susan:  Conning Towers is a Human Resources Strategy organisation aimed at getting the most out of resources.

Jackie:  do u have a web site url for peeps, Susan:?

Susan:  The url for my website is

Jackie:  Excellent! so any time for reading business books?

Susan:  It’s not always easy, but I try to fit a bit in. currently reading Margaret Heffernan’s new book “A Bigger Price”

Having read Margaret Heffernan’s Wilfull Blindness it’s a must read for me

Jackie:  sounds interesting & one to add to my list. What’s been the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Susan:  Scariest thing – Risked relationships by telling difficult truths

Jackie:  oooo hope it worked out ok. What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Susan:  I’ve done it a few times and in the long run – it works out! :-)

Best Advice – Just Do IT! (I’m known to overthink things & at times think myself out of doing things)

Jackie:  given that these are scary, what’s success abt 4 u – is it all abt £

Susan:  Having a positive impact, bringing clarity, bringing out the value in things & especially people – money is the icing

Jackie:  r u a champagne or beer & skittles gal?

Susan:  Lol! Cider – though out of the two I’ll go for the champagne :-)

Jackie:  is there something u’d like to promote for our viewers *wave* Susan:

Susan:  Thk you. I love young pp & have a very specific focus on them and what they offer to organisations..

Therefore – My review to help organisations effectively Employ & Engage Young People. (Did a workshop on this recently)

Jackie:  I believe u have a Review, can u share the url with us?

Susan:  If people contact me via the website I will be able to provide specific details on the young pp review

Jackie:  gr8! last question coming up – that’s gone quickly this morning!

Where would u b on a rainy day for your biz?

Susan:  Time has indeed flown by :-) They say it’s what happens when you’re having fun! ;-)

Next book is around the skills that we need at all levels for the 21st century. working title – Revaluation of a Working People

Jackie:  So u heard it hear first folks – title of Susan’s next book!! Thnx so much for your time Susan:, hope u enjoyed….

Susan:  Thank you Jackie: – I really and truly enjoyed. I hope everyone else did too!



Snippets from Felicity Dunderdale – 28 March 2014

felicity_dunderdaleJackie:  Here we go! ‘morning Felicity@Fore_Women – Everyone! how r u today?

Felicity:  Great thank you, raring to go

Jackie:  Excellent! would u plse tell our viewers about your business?

Felicity:  Encourages women that play or want to play golf and helps golf clubs attract more women to their club

Jackie:  interesting… so any particular location Felicity?

Felicity:  Mainly in Kent and growing into Essex and Surrey, vision to become global

Jackie:  so success for u would be?

Felicity:  For me success is recognition of being the golf brand for women, any level of ability

Jackie:  do u have anything u’d like to promote with us today?

Felicity:  Yes, I’m hosting a women’s golf event for beginners @TudorPark on Wed 11 Jun, with guest beginner golfer

Jackie:  Do u have a url for us plse?

Felicity:  Sign-up for FREE to join the community and receive newsletter with full details

Jackie:  what quality suits u better – maverick or entrepreneur?

Felicity:  I’d say Entrepreneur, always have new ideas to help and improve

Jackie:  last question coming up Felicity, gone so quickly this morning! ….

Jackie:  who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers & what’s scariest thing you’ve done? = 2 Qs :)

Felicity:  I’d definitely like dragon jones and Daniel Priestley at my dinner table – inspirational

Felicity:  Scariest thing I’ve done, white water rafting in NZ & going to a golf club b4 I started to play to enquire membership

Jackie:  interesting! look where u r now! obviously the way to go. Thnx so much for your time – hope u enjoyed….

Felicity:  Yes thanks, enjoyed it loads. Grateful for the opportunity and to welcome new women to my golf vision

Look 4ward 2 seeing u F on Weds

Fabulous, c u Wed. Have a great weekend everyone

Jackie:  watch out for coming weeks with Dion Johnson, Vanessa Spiers, Jennifer Jane Brewster, Sarah Arrow, Clover Lewis..

Snippets from Marina Gask – 28 February 2014

Marina_GaskJackie:  mmmmmmah! Marina Gask-Ajani @marinagaskmedia is our lovely guest today – come join us any second now over on Twitter, just follow the hashtag…

Marina:  Ready and waiting – hope this won’t hurt!

Jackie:  LOL! No, it’s quite painless, promise! OK – let’s go! ‘Morning Marina, everyone – how r u today?

Marina:  Morning! Fine and dandy thanks Continue reading

Snippets from Karen Bashford – 14 February 2014

Karen_BashfordJackie:  morning everyone & special guest Karen Bashford – how r u today Karen? @karenb101

Karen:  I am great thank you looking forward to our chat.

Jackie:  Here we go! Plse share with us *wave* viewers, abt your biz

Karen:  I work with women to have more money in business or personally Continue reading

Snippets from Sam Cooper-Davidson – 7 February 2014

Sam_CooperDavidsonJackie:  morning everyone on this lovely sunny day – we can pretend & to Twitterview guest Sam Cooper-Davidson @applePA1

Sam:  at least the sun is shining a little bit?

Jackie:  hope all’s good with u – plse tell our viewers something abt your biz?

Sam:  applePA is a Virtual PA business. We support clients with call handling, email/diary management, call handling and much more Continue reading

Snippets from Joanna Slater – 31 January 2014

JoannaSlaterJackie:  Good morning everyone and special guest Joanna @joannaslater how are you?

Joanna:  Good morning Jackie and everyone lovely to be here

Jackie:  so glad u can join us, plse tell us something abt your biz

Joanna:  written a book The Last Six Months, about my mother who went into hospital for a hip op, still in hospital died in 6 months  Continue reading