Snippets from Heather Gorringe – 2 December 2011

Jackie:  Good morning everyone & a BIG welcome to Heather at Wiggly Wiggles @wiggled – how r u Heather?

Heather:  I am very well – just trying work out if tweetdeck is actually working ok :0)

Jackie:  aha! we’re started now! plse tell us something about WW

Heather:  Wiggly Wigglers is based on a farm in Herefordshire – we make the good life easy and in our village we have 63 humans

Jackie:  How long have u been doing that Heather?

Heather:  We’ve been in business for 20 years now – for many years there was just me and now there are 14 wigglets

Jackie:  and what do your humans do there? 🙂

Heather:  We have a team of 4 in the office answering questions about composting and taking orders and tracking – 2 florists

Jackie:  what keeps u awake at night with excitement re your business?

Heather:  I just LOVE the variety I have had a day when I packed parcels, met the Queen & made a podcast… etc

love the fact that we are all trying our best for the customer – rock on Wiggly Warehouse – get those orders out….

Jackie:  did Ma’am buy anything 🙂

Heather:  Ma’am did not, but sir got his head right inside a Can-O-Worms composter!

Jackie:  LOL! that sounds about right! more about u then – r u a smoked salmon or fish n chips gal?

Heather:  am definitely both – in fact I would be very happy to have FishnChips with Champagne now you come to mention it!

Jackie:  what about success – is that all about money for you?

Heather:  Luckily :0) I’ve discovered life is not 4 money – it is going 2 bed feeling u have done something worthwhile everyday

@WWisewolf:  I’m dying to find out more about goat socks!

Jackie:  last Q comg up Heather, although want 2 know about the goat socks for Wendy – what’s best piece of advice u’ve ever had

Heather:  We like 2 promote products from farms & goat socks r cool – in fact I did give a pair to Michael Dell once

Heather:  use this quote daily… Success is going from Failure to Failure without losing Enthusiasm… (Winston Churchill)

@WWisewolf: Thanks @wiggled Goats are cool – so goat socks are definitely cool 🙂

Heather:  Oh YES! RT @wiggled: Goat socks details :0) thank you

Jackie:  thnx so much for yr time Heather – hope u enjoyed, next week we welcome @CarolePyke – g8t w/e everyone, c u soon

Heather:  Thx for having me – what fun. Twitterinterview cool!

Same time, same place – 10.30 am Friday 9 December with @CarolePyke – see you there!

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