Snippets from Sally Lovett – 5 July 2013

SallyLovettJackie:  Welcome!  Hi Sally! @StretchingCity plse tell us something about your business

Sally:  We offer affordable & accessible group, private & corporate yoga classes in London & retreats around the UK

Jackie:  Do u have any future dates for retreats planned?

Sally:  Yep, Yoga & Walking in Wales in July and Glamping in Norfolk in August, with the @adventureyogi crew.

Jackie: that sounds fab – diaries ready everyone! what’s the best advice u’ve been given?

Jackie:  What’s the best advice you’ve been given

Sally:  Go with your gut ie. heart over head.

Jackie:  that’s a good one, always works for me, & bites when I don’t!

Jackie:  when did u start to network, how has #1230TWC worked for u?

Sally:  Something I’m still working on!  Jackie @1230 has been a great help as my mentor from Bright IdeasTrust

Jackie: so what keeps u awake at night with excitement on your business Sally?

Sally:  Last Friday I was awake at night cooking for 15 people on my yoga retreat!

Jackie:  Wow! that’s going some! If u were one bizwoman for the day, who would u b?

Sally:  I think Orla Keily has a good balance

Sally:  I think Orla Keily has a good balance  / ah, need to check her out – anything u’d like to promote?

Jackie:  Last question coming up Sally, what is success abt 4 u, is it just £££

Sally:  Not at all. Personal fulfilment, a varied work week, flexible working & enjoying what you do.

Jackie:  thnx so much Sally, hope u’ve enjoyed. C u everyone same time, same place next Fri – have gr8 w/e – thnx again S

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