1230KISS Getting Started!

Welcome to 1230KISS!  I’m delighted that you’ve found us.  Today is my wedding anniversary and I’ve just returned from taking my granddaughter to A&E with chronic tonsillitis, so not quite the start to the day I’d anticipated!  It can only get better!

So why 1230KISS? Just in case you don’t know us, 1230 The Women’s Company is a UK networking organisation for business women meeting monthly at local level.  We have a huge wealth of contacts and a brilliant membership of informed, vibrant business women.  We want you to find out more about them, so what better way than using the Twitter airwaves to share this information with you – Twitterviews.

Yes, I hear you say, but why 1230KISS?  So that everyone can follow the interviews we needed a hashtag;  it didn’t take us long to come up with something.   As I idled away time stuck in a traffic jam  behind a learner driver, I noticed the name of the driving school – KISS.  How clever, I thought for the driving school – Keep it Short and Simple.  And then it hit me!  Perfect for the 1230 TWC Twitterviews – 1230KISS.

So now you know why and how 1230KISS came about and very soon you will be able to following the 1230KISS Twitterviews.

Follow us on @1230KISS and we will follow you back, promise!

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