Snippets from Minal Patel- 1 November 2013

Minal_PatelJackie:  Very good morning to special guest @Minal2804  Minal Patel & “viewers” *wave* How r u Minal? < fine thanks!

Jackie:  plse tell us something about Constant Contact

Minal:  Constant Contact (@ctctUK) helps small biz grow with online marketing tools

Jackie:  what keeps u awake at night with excitement about that business 

Jackie:  any ctctUK peeps out there today in the conversation?

Minal:  That we level the playing field for small biz in the digital world.

Minal:  They know their customers best & we help to reach them everyday online.

Jackie:  r u a champagne or beer n skittles type of gal

Jackie:  any ctctUK peeps out there today in the conversation?

Minal:  @tamsinfd is at an event with @johnprescott today!

Jackie:  .@Minal2804 @tamsinfd @johnprescott #1230KISS wooohooo! go Tamsin! @ctctUK

Minal:  Champagne for sure – but can I have the Skittles too?

Jackie:  ooo think that can b arranged!

Jackie:  do u prefer to work with entrepreneur or maverick & why?

Minal:  I’d say entrepreneur – I’m a bit of a control freak, so easier to work with than a maverick… I think!

Minal:  Some people may label that as being organised though 😉

Jackie:  r u good at following advice? what’s best advice you’ve been given

Minal:  Usually… best advice: don’t sweat the small stuff. Remember that control freak I talked about? She worries about everything.

Jackie:  do u have something u’d like to promote with us?

Minal:  email & social media marketing, & @ctctUK can help! See our free 60-day trial for…

Jackie:  What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done

Minal:  Buy my house – hyperventilated when signing mortgage papers. Couldn’t believe how much I would owe!

Jackie:  thnx so much Minal for your time, hope u’ve enjoyed – next week our guest is ..

Minal:   << pleasure 🙂

Jackie:  thnx again Minal, everyone – next week our guest is Sian Murphy @sianmurphy Ruby Marketers – have fab w/e all, c u soon

Minal:  My first Twitterview is over & the Twitterverse knows a bit more about me! Hope you enjoyed. Thanks

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