Snippets from Alex Coombes – 6 July 2012

Jackie:  2 mins to go at 10.30 am Alex Coombes of @1stdnsltd plse join us, find out more

Alex:  Good Morning Jackie 🙂

Jackie:  Good morning Alex everyone – how r u today?

Alex:  I am great thank you. Busy Busy

Jackie:  please tell us something about your role at 1stDomains

Alex:  I am the sales manager here at 1st DNS Ltd. I look after existing and new clients.

Jackie:  that sounds like fun, how long have u been doing – what keeps u awake at night with excitement in this role?

Alex:  for about 6 months now. Loving it. I have a great team and am constantly learning.

Jackie:  what’s been your greatest challenge since working there?

Jackie:  Hi peeps – please give us a *wave*

Alex:  Hmmmmm think its keeping up with the way technology is constantly evolving and developing.

Jackie:  techno moves so fast, agreed – what’s 1stdns working on at the moment that you’d like to share with us

Alex:  We are currently promoting 50% off all new websites and domain names.

Jackie:  Wow, sounds good – r u a champagne or beer & skittles type of gal?

Alex:  Definitely a Champagne gal!!!!

Jackie:  What about success for you, is it all about the money?

Alex:  Definitely not. I have to feel I have accomplished my personal goals that I set

Jackie:  last question coming up… what’s the best piece of advice u’ve been given

Alex:  I think its, always listen to the customer and be truthful. Build your relationships on trust.

Jackie:  gr8 one to follow, and why I like working with 1stDns! so, thnx so much for u’re time Alex, hope u’ve enjoyed…..

Jackie:  thnx again all viewers, see u same time next week with @LindsayPanteli #1230TWC #Margate Host, have gr8 w/e

Alex:  Thank you, I have enjoyed this. Thank you for the opportunity this morning. See you here next week!!!

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