Snippets from Ali Hollands – 8 March 2013

AliHollandsJackie:  Good morning everyone, special guest @alihollands – how r u Ali this fabulous International Women’s Day! 

Ali:  I’m really good thanks Jackie – feeling very womanly I must say

Jackie:   Indeed @womensday – plse tell us something about your biz

Ali:  LOL – my ears are constantly burning!!! #1230KISS / not surprised hehehehee

Jackie:  what’s success about 4 u, is it all success – all about the money?

Ali:  Oh gosh no – success for me is about feeling safe, relaxed & happy, making a difference. Money can be the vehicle for that

Ali:  Best piece of advice hmm – ‘You can’t keep a good person down for long’ has served me very well for the past couple of years!

Jackie:   hope u won’t mind my saying that u’ve had some tough times, but you r such a strong achiever! Congratulations!

Ali:  aww thanks Jackie, tough/educational/formational – depends on the angle I view it from

Jackie:  add to that – successful – who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Ali:  That question really stumped me when I first saw it but I guess it would be a bunch of scientists round the table. because science, if anything is about pushing back the boundaries of what is possible – ultimate positive mindset

Jackie:  that’s a really interesting answer – thnx Ali… Do u have something you’d like to promote with us *wave* to Tweeps

Ali:  Why yes, as a matter of fact I do have something to promote and it is a Mothers Day gift

If you’re a mum and you smoke I will give you £25 off a smoking cessation session with me. I’m based in #Maidstone

Ali:  Thanks for RTing @1230jackie – very kind of you. I am V. passionate about helping the 1 in 5 Britons who smoke 2 quit

Jackie:  on a lighter note – r u a champagne or beer & skittles gal?

Ali:  Definitely Champagne, but can I have the Skittles too please – as they say – you can’t buy class hehehe

Jackie:  When did u start to network for your biz & how has 1230TWC been successful 4 u?

Ali:  I started many moons ago as an employee & I love that I’m still in touch with so many 1230 gals.   That’s the real power of networking – knowing that it is about more than just those meetings

Jackie:  on your business epitaph, what would it say?

Ali:  Keeping my nerve on the way to business success! This picture says it all

Jackie:  Brilliant! & on that positive note, #womensday – thnx so much for your time Ali, hope you’ve enjoyed *wave* to all

Ali:  this is a really great fun way to find out about people – thanks so much for asking me on ‘the show’

Jackie:   it’s been an absolute pleasure – have a great w/e Ali and everyone – next week’s guest is @TamsenGarrie c u there!

Ali:  *waves* and happy #womensday to you too @1230jackie and all the other awesome ladies in my life too

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