Snippets from Ali Meehan – 24 January 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJackie:  Coffee ready?

Ali: @alimeehan   Morning “rain doesn’t stay mainly on the plain” Spain Raining heavily with me!

Jackie: Please tell us something of your business

Ali: Costa Women is a free social & business networking community for Women living in Spain

Jackie: How long have u been running that?

Ali: Since end 2010 – now have over 2,500 members 🙂

Ali: We also have members that want to move to Spain as part of their life goals

Jackie: Brilliant! How far is the reach of Costa Women ?

Ali: We have a member in Australia – probably furthest!

Jackie: reach – in terms of miles

Ali: Waiting for Richard Branson to send Virgin Atlantic up then who knows!

Jackie: Wow! so if u were to start over, would u do anything differently?

Ali: Starting over? I’d change nothing I love living in Spain, doing what I do & the stuff I have learnt on way

Ali: Any twiends want to throw me a Q as part of #1230KISS or just say hello?

Jackie: and your best piece of advice to share with us

Ali: Someday is not a day of the week!

Jackie: Hi lurkers 🙂 plse say Hi! Your biz epitaph, what would that say?

Ali: She dreamt and did! “World needs dreamers & world needs doers but above all needs dreamers who do”

Ali: Costa Women isn’t a business yet! Its about give, give, give (ask garyvee) 😉

Jackie: Ah, Gary Vee – is that something you’re reading currently?

Jackie: So true!! any preference to work with entrepreneur or maverick?

Ali: Maverick = refuses to follow rules. Some great entrepreneurial businesses created that way

Jackie: Another to add to my shopping list! So to finish up Ali..

Jackie: & thnx so much for your time, hope u’ve enjoyed – What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done

Ali: Life is a continual learning experience – I’d have to say reinventing my life – it hasn’t stopped yet!

Ali: Thanks Jackie that was fun!

Jackie: Always learning too – thnx again Ali – have fab w/e all

Ali: Thanks that was fun! 

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