Snippets from Ali Meehan @costawomen – 8 July 2011

Jackie: Good morning everyone and a very warm, if not wet here welcome, to Ali Meehan @costawomen

Ali would you plse tell us something about your business?

Ali: Social Networking Group for Women living in #Spain providing support and info both for business and personal live + social media

Jackie: clearly things r working well 4 u in #Spain – what about success, is that all about money 4 u?

Ali: Nope because actually CostaWomen is not being run a business I am funding it. Poverty is about lack of choices.

Ali:  If you have choices you can be successful

Jackie: sounds fab, how long u in Spain?

Ali: On and off since 2002 worked in Middle East and Thailand in the middle bit!

Jackie:  what keeps u awake at night with excitement re yr business?

Ali:  Trying to innovate and add value to what we already offer keeps me excited

Ali: Need the #HootSuite Angel to come and weave some fairysdust

Jackie: LOL ! thnx for fairdust!

Jackie: little bird told me you have plans for Sept – plse share!

Ali: Organising business networking event in Marbella with @uksalesmentor on 6 Sept – watch this space!

Jackie: cool! bit about u plse – r u a trainers or stilettos Girl?

Ali:  Ohh definitely stilettos with a pair of pumps in the bag 😉

Jackie:  last Q coming up Ali, & thnx so much for your time – what’s best piece of advice u been given?

Ali: Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom!

Jackie: love it! thnx so much Ali, been lovely to chat – nxt week is @JackieBarrie – have a g8t w/e

Ali: Thanks #1230KISS and @1230Jackie especially. Tweetdeck just crashed too 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity. Have a great weekend all 


jackiebarrie: RT @1230KISS: big thnx to all #FF & #1230KISS today – next week 8/7 @jackiebarrie // I look forward to being quizzed!

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