Snippets from Andrea Graham – 12 April 2013

AndreaGrahamAndrea Graham ‏@andreaagraham Hey Jackie all set and ready to go!!

Jackie:  Hi Andrea, welcome and how are you

Andrea:   Hey Jackie I’m am feeling great!

Jackie:  Fab – can you tell us about your business Andrea

Andrea:  Inspire Individuals to live their authentic life, via workshops, radio, inspirational talks

Workshops helps individuals discover what they want for their lives and are accredited by the Open College Network

Jackie:  so is there something you’d like to promote with us all on that?

Andrea:   My Girls Can! Workshops

Andrea:   Girls Can! Accredited workshops are for 14 – 19 year old girls and its getting great results

Jackie:  what is success all abt 4 u – is it all about the money?

Andrea:   It’s about living authentically

Jackie:  What’s been your greatest challenge

Andrea:   My greatest challenge, telling my 4 sons I was going to divorce their father!

Jackie:  When did u start to network for your biz and how has 1230TWC been successful for you?

Jackie:   What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given.

Andrea:   That there’s only plan ‘A’ no Plan B

Jackie:  When did you start to network for your business and how has 1230TWC been successful for you?

Andrea:   During 2011. Meeting Jackie Groundsell and interviewing her on my show which helped my listeners

Jackie:  awww, thnx Andrea, I so enjoyed it! On your biz epitaph, what would it say?

Andrea:   A great Mother who helped many to Live their Authentic lives

Jackie:  If u could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Andrea:   with a great cashflow, Jamaica!

Jackie:  Whod b around your dinner table of positive thinkers? #1230KISS

Andrea:   Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Eckhart Tolle, Andrew Sercombe, EL Graham

Jackie:  ah some familiar names there, but also looks like some interesting research for me!

Andrea:   Thank you very much Jackie and all who joined us loved it!

Andrea:   Your welcome Jackie please join me every Monday lunchtime 12-2pm on  and listen in to my show

Jackie:  Thanks again Andrea it’s been a pleasure, next week 10.30 am look forward to joining us then

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