Snippets from Angela Morris – 13 June 2014

Angela_R_MorrisJackie:  Good morning Angie @angiestrategy – Everyone – how are we this glorious sunny Friday!!

Angela:  Feeling a bit nervous but fine!

Jackie:  Delighted to have you as my guest today, plse tell us something abt your biz?

Angela:  Well Jackie I am an entrepreneur who supports SMEs and start-ups, copy writing and training

Jackie:  WOW! anything specially you’d like to promote with us today

Angela:  Yes please! I have just published my first ever ebook called Life’s too Short-so handle your business!

Jackie:  If you were to be one biz woman for a day, who would u b, & why?

Angela:  I have to say I would only be myself because I love what I do!

Jackie:  Do u have a link where our viewers can buy?

Angela: and you can visit my shop!

Jackie:  Excelent! thank u. what’s been your greatest challenge so far?

Angela:  Getting small business to see the bigger picture e.g. Networking!

Jackie:  That’s a very sound reason, and the first we’ve ever had! What’s the best advice you can pass on?

Angela:  Business growth comes through collaborating with others!

Jackie:  So when did u start to network for your biz & how has 1230TWC worked for u?

Angela:  I started from day one and then I met you at the NBWN at city hall.

Jackie:  @Angiestrategy & what a ride since then – watch this space! Don’t 4get 1230TWC Croydon launch 5 Aug

Angela:  Thank for the date! Really looking forward to it!

Jackie:  Do u have a biz mistake u could share with us?

Angela:  Don’t reduce the price of your service just to make a sale!

Jackie:  Pricing is always quite a difficult one… many of use can empathise with u. On your biz epitaph, what wld it say?

Angela:  She did her best trying to help others!

Jackie:  Flying this morning, must be the sunshine! last question coming up..

maybe 2! What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Angela:  Stepping out to start my own business!

Jackie:  scary but exciting too, eh? last Q – who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Angela:  You, of course! Evadney Capmbell, Claudine Reid, Tim Campbell and Stephen Howard

Jackie:  oo thank you! let’s set a date! Thnx Angie so much for your time, u’ve survived, so hope u enjoyed! lol!

Angela:  I loved my KISS this morning!xxx

Jackie:  Next week my special guest is Erika Watson So same time, same place – have a fab w/e x




























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