Snippets from Anita Burke – 25 July 2014

Anita_BurkeJackie:  Good morning Anita @buzzbeekids – everyone – fab sunny day.. Thnx 4 joining us, let’s get started!

Plse tell us abt your biz Anita

Buzz Bee Kids:  I started it 3 years ago in Elmers End selling preloved and new childrens clothes toys and gifts.

It’s a crazy labour of love but i am still smiling!!

Jackie:  Wow bet that goes down a bomb as children get little wear on clothing! Where did u get idea from?

Buzz Bee Kids:  I don’t have any children but I think that’s what made me be more objective, I have many friends who have children….

And it was the sheer waste and amount of stuff that went to landfill that horrified me but busy parents are so time poor

Jackie:  What about your success? Is success all about £ for u?

Buzz Bee Kids:  I wanted to help & recycle & our point of difference is that we can do home visits & we rewash/iron clothing (not oh my gosh£1)

Jackie:  What exciting thing do u have to promote with us today?

Buzz Bee Kids:  Re £ no not at all I just try the best I can giving the best service I can with a view the business will be a success if I…

Keep focussed listen to my customers and enjoy the shop if you have no fun it’s game over!

Jackie:  it’s a gr8 idea! #beckbromfl So what keeps u awake at night with your biz?

Buzz Bee Kids:  Straight after interview I’m off to Beanies Croydon (concession) to launch their 50% off sale…. We are already in sale!

Jackie:  Brill! get ready #Mums dash to #Croydon Did u know @1230jackie #1230TWC Croydon launching 5 Aug?

And what’s the best piece of advice u’ve had?

Buzz Bee Kids:  Not to worry about what your not in control of only what you are … It carries through in business and personal!

Jackie:  What’s been your greatest challenge?

Buzz Bee Kids:  Wow great news re your Croydon launch that’s fantastic news!

Biggest challenge has defiantly been surviving and progressing the biz in current lending climate

Love the look of Alberts table really want to eat there!

Jackie:  When did u start networking 4 yr biz & how has 1230TWC been successful 4 u?

Buzz Bee Kids:  Networking is an essential part of business you just never know who you will meet

1230 and Jackie Groundsell have been amazing / important to the biz in terms of ideas, contacts and support x

Jackie:  entirely my pleasure Anita – you’re FAB! Hope u’ve enjoyed today – have gr8 time in Croydon.Next Week our guest is.

Buzz Bee Kids:  Thanks Jackie as always I have enjoyed our chat! Have a great day everyone!

Jackie:  Next week’s guest #1230KISS is Emily Miller @LinkedInTutors – get those LinkedIn Qs ready! Thnx all, enjoy the sun




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