Snippets from Annabel Kaye – 24 November 2011

Jackie:  Glorious morning everyone, especially special guest Twitterviewee – morning @AnnabelKaye how r u this morning?

Annabel:  fine enjoying the day and you? It’s International day against violence against women

Jackie:  thnx for mention on that @soniabrown has broadcast at 4 pm, back to u Annabel, plse tell us a bit about yr business

EmbankmentScott:  Would abolishing NI for <25 be better than job subsidy as less bureaucratic ?

Annabel:  I think NI holiday more efficient than subsidies, we pay to collect and distribute otherwise!  even abolishing NI for additional headcount non age related would be good – one year? if non age related no need to check age, we already do annual PAYE returns, nil extra admin

embankmentScott:   Not holiday. Abolish NI for all <25s

Annabel:  churning eliminated if we go by headcount not employees (replacements   wont be additional headcount) I don’t think your twitterviews always start with politics law and tax – welcome to my world and enjoy.  Sentiment with young unemployed but reality tough for any age. Govt can’t ‘create’ real jobs but should stop making it hard via NI

embankmentScott:    Agree difficult at any age, but cost less of an issue with older employees

Annabel:   true it’s a labyrinth, if you have time and inclination it can be worked out does that add or take away the heights of emotions

AnnabelKaye:   if non age related no need to check age, we already do annual PAYE returns, nil extra admin

EmbankmentScott: Additional headcount difficult to police, new subsidiaries etc. Age related easier to police.

AnnabelKaye:  sentiment with young unemployed but reality tough for any age

Jackie:  I know u always have lots of exciting things going on, anything in particular u’d like to share

Annabel:  new web site going up any day now offering informal fixed price advice – looking good, making videos next week

Jackie:  that sounds exciting, tell us more about content plse

Annabel:  part of being a business person is making it happen not waiting for it to happen to you

Jackie:   lots of good Qs today – anymore for @AnnabelKaye ?

Annabel:   web content will be around redundancy, TUPE, representing yourself at tribunal and contracting for performance rather than compliance

I get so cross when managers don’t manage because they think they can’t.  Not fair on hardworking employees of which there are many despite what you see in the newspapers!!  Business owners to bamboozled by newspapers have no idea of what real rights they have and can get. Employees equally so afraid of the DOLE they put up with almost anything sometimes – not good.  I want to help people break away from all that fear and start dealing with the real issues, not the paranoia

Jackie:  what do you like to do when not working?

Annabel:  when not working I love to dance, sing, also learning stand up comedy.  Singing for charity on th Feb 2012 with #sistersroar at St Brides, Fleet Street – will be fun if I remember the words! !

Annabel: I figure I should do stand up since often people say to me you must be joking (about employment law).  Of course, I am not the joker when it comes to employment law – the government is

Jackie:   LOL!  last Q, which g8t thinkers wld u like around yr dining table?

Annabel:   at my dining table great thinkers would be Epicure and Rumi – both great thinkers, great wine lovers, lovers of food, life and people – good company

Jackie:  OK folks told u it wld be lively & informative! Thnx 4 yr time, & Annabel, especially last minute. Next week is….

Annabel:  glad to do interview..thanks for asking

Jackie:   next week’s Guest is Heather Gorringe @wiggled – same time same place – 10.30 am Friday – 2 December

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