Snippets from Annabel Meade – 24 February

Jackie:  Good morning everyone & a very warm welcome to our #1230KISS guest this morning @annabelmeade – how r u Annabel?

Annabel:  I’m doing great thanks and excited to be here with you all!

Jackie:  lovely to have u plse tell us something about what you do

Annabel: I’m one of the very few female race drivers in the UK. I race cars purpose built for racing at places like Silverstone.

Jackie:  WOW! how long have u been doing that?

Annabel:  my first season was in 2000 where I raced in the Scottich Ford Fiesta Si Championship

Jackie:  what would u say has been the most excting race, & why?

Annabel:  Croft circuit 2005 Renault Clio Cup. I set fastest sector time in testing and raced hard despite a broken clutch!

Jackie:  I hesitate to ask, but any broken bones along the way?

Annabel:  no broken bones. Just a little bruised and battered along the way!

Jackie:  phew! that’s a relief, how did u get started with racing?

Annabel:  I wanted to race my BMX on a track when I was 12 – it all started then!

Jackie:  what about success then for u Annabel, is it all about the money?

Annabel:  success is winning races/championships. Money allows me to be the best I can, achieve great results to inspire others

Jackie:  I’ve never met a racing driving previously, so found what u do extremely inspiring

Annabel:  thank you!

Jackie:  so what’s your next big race?

Annabel:  ask any race driver that question and the answer will it depends on funding. Hopefully the Porsche UK Carerra Cup

Jackie:  in my ignorance, when is that? Pay attention all potential sponsors!

Annabel: very soon! Testing from now until mid summer and then half a season from mid summer

Jackie:  we wish you all the very best of luck with that..

Annabel:  thank you! I’m very excited about future plans!

Jackie:  r u a smoke salmon or fish n chips gal?

Annabel:  Smoked salmon!!

Jackie:  last question coming up Annabel – what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Annabel:  stay focussed and don’t crash!

Jackie:  very sound advice!!!!! thank u so much Annabel 4 your time, hope you’ve enjoyed – thnx all & have g8t w/e

Jackie:  plse keep us up-to-date with everything…

Annabel:  a big thank you. Its been a great experience and thanks for your support and interest! Have a lovely weekend

Watch this space for next week’s Twitterview Guest #1230KISS

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