Snippets from Beverley Morrison – 27 July 2012

Jackie:  a fabulous #Olympic morning to everyone, especially special guest Beverley Morrison @beverley888 – good mornng Bev – how r u?

Beverley:  Hi Jackie – I’m well thanks #1230KISS

Jackie:  So off we go, this not quite sunny morning! Plse tell us about your role Bev

Beverley:  I’m a journalist with Newsquest South London & Ltd Edition magazine, Kent

Jackie:  exciting, looking forward 2 u’re your article Sept issue #LimitedEdition – what’s been u’re greatest challenge

Beverley:  Running a TV production company. I produced children’s TV for ten years in Scotland.

Jackie:  How do you like to spend your Sundays

Beverley:  Reading the Sunday papers in the sun outside my local Starbucks in Clapham.

Jackie:  lots of excitement this Sunday I guess with the Games? If u were to start again, what might u do differently?

Jackie:  Wow! that sounds brilliant, I need to research that one! What is success about for u, is it the money?

Beverley:  Creative fulfilment – but money helps!

Jackie:  nice one!

Beverley:  I would delegate more – with your nose to the grindstone, its hard to get an overview.  /  guess that’s a good tip for us all!

Jackie:  Are u reading a particular business book at the mo?

Beverley:  It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be by top ad exec Paul Arden

Jackie:  bit about u, r u a champagne or beer & skittles type of girl?

Beverley:  You need both in your life!

Jackie:  Anything you’d like to promote with us today Bev?

Jackie:  peeps might find TweetChat easy to follow our conversation on with @beverley888 live at this moment!

Beverley:  Try Ltd Edition online: for great stories, ideas and tips.

Beverley:    NewsShopper/Lifestyle

Jackie:  Don’t think I’ve looked on-line but love the glossy version .. last question coming up Bev

Jackie:  When did u start networking and how has #1230TWC worked for you?

Jackie:  Thnx for joining us Jon – this morning’s Guest ist Bev Morrison journalist, you’ll find conversation on #1230KISS

Beverley:  I’ve always networked – it’s essential. But 1230 TWC looks like a gift for businesswomen! Well done Jackie!

Jackie:  thank you. And thank u for your time, hope you’ve enjoyed, next week’s guest is Emma Jones

Beverley:  Jackie – it was a pleasure.

Jackie:  Thnx again Bev, Sue, Jon, everyone – have gr8 w/e & see u next Fr 10.30 am on #1230KISS

Beverley:  I promise to find a decent picture of myself in future too.

Jackie:  LOL your Facebook one on Bev Morrison is lovely!

Beverley:  Thanks Jackie – bye all

Jackie:  @JonSenior1 LOL! will b posting soon, so you can catch up, pix everyone 

Next Friday 3 August at 10.30 am we welcome our guest Emma Jones of Enterprise nation

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