Snippets from Bianca Miller – 9 September 2013

BiancaMiller_crpJackie:  Good morning everyone & a warm welcome to special guest Bianca Miller  @bestyleduk – how r u Bianca?  

Bianca:  I am well thank you! Looking forward to my first twitterview

Jackie:  Fab! gr8 to have u here – plse tell us abt your biz

Bianca:  We offer personal development services; personal branding, image consultancy& employability. Approved stylists @WestfieldLondon

Jackie:  Fab! you’re a v glamorous lady heading this exciting biz, would u do anything differently.

Jackie:  … if starting again?

Bianca:  I would have utilised my network more effectively rather than spend money on expensive advertising. All part of the learning exp

But I do believe everything happens for a reason and I have learnt valuable lessons to pass onto others! Thx for the complement

Jackie:  so when did u start networking & how has 1230 been successful for u?

Bianca:  Before i started the biz, I began networking. Jackie u have been great in helping me create strategic links with other biz owners

I have always networked, even in my youth. I just didnt realise it was networking at the time! Now I network at least once a week

Jackie:  what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given Bianca?

Bianca:  Best Advice:‘Always hear advice but dont always listen’… & ‘Never be afraid to pick up the phone’(in an age of email and tech)

Jackie:   often we don’t, its the formal & informal networking – so valuable!

Bianca:  Absolutely, networking is key for success. Often ppl dont see the network that they have around them everyday!

Jackie:  that’s gr8 to know it’s working for u. Which quality do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur/maverick?

Bianca:  Interesting question …Entrepreneur, though i respect qualities in both.

Jackie:  I believe u have something special u’d like to share with us today? Fire away!

Bianca:  We are offering 20% off our newest Stylist Denise – gr8 xmas gift & LinkedIn Profile development for £199 instead of £799

Jackie:  Brill so could be locally for me #Bromley or #Croydon ?

Bianca:  Of course! We use Bromley, Croydon, Westfield, Bluewater, Selfridges to as far as Bicester Village! Anywhere our clients like

Call 02086679519 for 20% off Denise in shopping centre of your choice. @WestfieldLondon is a popular destination for our clients

LinkedIn Profile is a bespoke offer for whenever your lovely clients like! Personal Branding is essential for linked in!

Jackie:  v sound! Who wld b around your dinner table of positive thinkers

Bianca:  I surround myself with positive people but a dinner that included @MayorofLondon would be fantastic, Boris is ever the optimist

Jackie:  @MayorofLondon ooo yes, me too plse – wld be so entertaining too!

Jackie:  last question coming up Bianca, hope you’ve enjoyed, gone so quickly!

Jackie:  What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Bianca:  Walk to the peak at the Grand Canyon, then looking back to see I was surrounded by a sheer 6000 ft drop or opening my business 🙂

Jackie:  whooooo! I’m not good on heights, well done u!

Bianca:  I realised I am not good at heights either unless strapped into a theme park ride!

Jackie:  Fantastic *wave* take note allreaders! that’s virtually anywhere!

Bianca:  Absolutely no excuse not to take advantage of the offer! It is good to invest in oneself from time to time!

Jackie:  OK time to go everyone thnx for joining us , same time same place next Friday – thnx again Bianca

Bianca:  Thank YOU Jackie! Thoroughly enjoyable!

Jackie:  Gr8 my pleasure – will b on soon & Pinterest

Next week is Nicci Bonfanti

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