Snippets from Bieneosa Ebite – 12 October 2012

Jackie:  Good morning everyone and welcome to @bieneosa of #CroydonRadio. How r u today?

Bieneosa:  I’m good thanks – hope you are too!

Jackie:  Not too bad. Now for your 1st question: Could you please tell us about your business?

Bieneosa:  I run Bright Star PR: helping organisations to raise their profile, tell stories & connect with people – I’m also a presenter on @CroydonRadio covering news, politics and business in #Croydon

Jackie:  These both sound very interesting and must take a lot of time! What business book r u reading at mo ?

Bieneosa:  I’m reading ‘Chavs’ by Owen Jones. Not business, but social commentary, which I enjoy immensely.

Jackie:  That sounds great, can u tell us what keeps u up at nite with excitement re your business?

Bieneosa:  I’m also reading it because it’s linked to an event I’m participating in with @WaterstonesCroy The fact that I control my own destiny. It is both exciting and fulfilling.

Jackie:  Wonderful. What is the best piece of advice u have ever been given?

Bieneosa:  ‘Nkiruka’ – an Igbo (Nigeria) word/name which means: ‘your future is greater than your past’.  It’s always good to keep moving forward in life and strive to make tomorrow better than yesterday.

Jackie:  So true, Now 4 your last Question.  r u a champagne or beer and skittles type of person?

Bieneosa:  Neither! I’m the antithesis of the stereotypical view of a PR person and prefer a cup of Earl Grey!

Jackie:  Lol. Well thnx to @bieneosa for join us 2day and 2 everyone else. Nxt week we have @DebbieLock from #jobfinder … Well thanks again and hope to c u all nxt week.

Bieneosa:  Thank you for inviting me to take part. I’ve enjoyed my first twitterview experience!

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