Snippets from Carol Ann Walters – 31 October 2014

Carol Ann Walters pictureJackie:  Good morning Carol @CAWPR / Everyone! How r u today?

Carol:  Morning All! Happy Halloween!

Jackie:  Welcome! Plse tell us abt your business Carol

Carol:  I run a successful PR consultancy. I specialise in the SME, charity and commercial arts sectors

Jackie:  Whereabouts r u based Carol? Does that make a difference to your biz?

Carol:  I’m based in Beckenham, the business community here is strong with great links to London

Jackie:  Any business books on the boil at the moment Carol?

Carol:  I’ve been reading ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen – For managing all your ‘to dos’

Jackie:  one for me to research! Anything else?

Carol:  I like Jackie Barrie’s range of free business templates, check lists and tips booklets. They’re great refreshers

Jackie:  Ah yes, know them well, great, easy to follow range, they’re great, I like Jackie barrie’s stuff too 🙂

So what keeps you awake with excitement about your biz?

Carol:  Managing all my ‘to dos’ and planning for the day ahead, my days can be very varied!

Jackie:  If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Carol:  in the South West, I’d own a boat and live near the water

Jackie:  Do you have something u’d like to promote today for our audience?

Carol:  I’m working collaboratively with @jane_rogers, so we can pool resources and help more clients

Jackie:  What’s the best piece of advice u’ve ever been given?

Carol :  Always have a plan

Jackie:  That sounds a v successful combination – what is success abt 4 u, is it all abt £

Carol:  Success for me is all about being happy and knowing I’ve done a good job, so no, it’s not all about the money

Jackie:  last question coming up Carol – thanks so much for being my guest today!.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Carol:  Moving to London from Cheshire 20 yrs ago – but I wouldn’t look back, I love it here!

Jackie:  Lol! W’re certainly glad u stayed! Hope u’ve enjoyed #1230KISS today Carol. Have a gr8 w/e & everyone,see u again soon

Carol:  Thank you Jackie, it’s been fun. Have a great weekend everyone.

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