Snippets from Carol Hustler – 11 November 2011

Carol HustlerJackie:  Good morning everyone & v special welcome to Carol Hustler of @TEDs_Friend – how r u Carol?

Carol:  Hi Jackie, Thanks to #1230KISS I’m wired and ready

Amazingly, no coffee yet this morning. Just the thought of my first twitterview with #1230KISS has woken me right up!

Jackie:  please tell us something about your business Carol

Carol:  TEDs Friend helps you find and win contract opportunities, bids and tenders

Jackie:  Hi ! everyone Qs for Carol?

airwaves slow today folks, bear with us….

Jackie:  r u a champagne or beer & skittles gal?

Carol: What a a great question! Either or both, depending on my mood and who I’m with. Last week it was charity darts with @mattbigg

I should add, that it wasn’t just me and @mattbigg, there was about 20 team in total raising money for Action for Children

Carol:  There have definitely been some positive changes in the last 6 years in terms of understanding b/tw SMEs and procurers

Wwisewolf:  Can we really bridge the gap?

Carol:  In the same way, most SMEs have never been procurers, and don’t understand their job roles and how they work

Wwisewolf:  the end of that was tenderer’s needs

Completely understand! There have been some great efforts by central govt, and corporate orgs to build better links

Jackie: G8t answer! last Q coming up – what’s success all about 4 u Carol – is it the money?

Carol:   No, it’s never been about the money for me (I shouldn’t admit that should I?)

Carol:  The best bit is working with a business to the point they win their first tender, and suddenly “get it” That’s fantastic for me

Jackie:  OK time to say goodbye to Carol at @Teds_Friend, thnx so much Carol – next week is racing driving @AnnabelMeade

thanks again to TEDs_Friend for – plse tune into my interview & others with @SoniaBrown 4-6 pm today #playvybzdoncom

Carol:  Thanks Jackie. Time for a minute’s silence now

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