Snippets from Carole Pye – 9 December 2011

Carole PykeJackie:  Good morning everyone, and special warm welcome to Guest @CarolePyke

Jackie:  how r u this morning Carole? Plse tell us something about yr business

Carole:  My company is Words That Deliver and is about helping business engage with their customers and increase their profits

Jackie:  that sounds interesting – plse tell us more!

Carole:  Passionate about hugs and telling stories and believe that is the one thing we have that is truly unique and engaging

Jackie:  big *waves* to viewers – plse say Hi! any Qs 4 Carole?

Jackie: Carole – would you say you’re a beer & skittles Gal or champagne?

Carole:  Champagne! defo

@AFusionWedding  HI! Jackie and Carole..  I’ve got a question. 🙂

Jackie:  Hi Julia – ask away plse

Carole:  Learning to think and type quickly. Now that’s a skill to add to the resume

@AFusionWedding    what 3 things should every business owner include in their story?

Carole:  Thanks Julia for the question. I would say a beginning a middle and an end. You are taking your audience on a journey.  You need to decide where you would like them to start on that journey and what you are going to take them through.  And what the call to action is going to be.

@AFusionWedding  thnx Carole! never thought of the story as a journey before.

Carole: I’m feeling like a pilot in the cockpit of a plane lots of dials to look at and respond.  Ok I think I have the hang of things now. I’m covering all angles  I’m ready for the next question

@WrkYourWay  Very interesting Twitterview at the mo on  with my dear friend and mentor @carolepyke

Jackie:  @WrkYourWay  – thnx for saying Hi!

Carole: when you are used to talking and telling stories a 140 characters feels really strange

Jackie:  what’s success all about 4 u Carole – is it just “the money”?

Carole:  No success is more about the spiritual side of things money is secondary

Jackie:   Great Stuff!

Jackie:   what’s the best piece of advice u’ve ever been given, last Q Carole

Carole:  Be yourself all others are taken!

Jackie:  just one more – anything you’d like to promote with us Carole?

Carole:  My book In Search of The Purple Cow and the 7 Peas a modern day marketing tale about why you need a bigger story

Carole:   You can get your copy of In Search of The Purple cow now

Carole: Anyone wanting to kick start their marketing for 2012 with a bigger story get in touch I have a great offer for you

Jackie:  ooo that sounds exciting! Tnx everyone for being there 2day, & especially Carole, thnx 4 yr time, hope u’ve enjoyed – thanks everyone for taking part, c u same time same place next week – let me know if u’d like to be Twitterviewed

Carole:  Thanks Jackie. It’s been a pleasure

@WWisewolf:   thanks both – great #twitterview – I’ve just gone for the book

Carole:  I have to say this has been great fun. Gets you thinking on your feet in 140 characters or less. Great to be focused

Jackie: oooo lively #Twitterview today – thnx everyone & have a g8t w/e

Jackie:  thanks again Carole – next week we’ll be joined by @soniabrown – have g8t w/e all – 10.30 am Friday 16 December

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