Snippets from Chantal Cooke – 8 February 2013

ChantalCookeJackie:  lovely sunny morning Chantal @chantalcooke & everyone- how r u?

Chantal:  cold and sunny in the City this am! But I have a cuppa so I am happy 🙂

Jackie:  could u plse tell us about your business Chantal

Jackie:  airwaves vvvv slow today, they must be cold! any questions for Chantal *waves* to “viewers”

Chantal:  Sending a wave from my PC too !

Jackie:  any time for reading business books?

Chantal:  Not much! But its important, so I make time. @1230jackie I’m currently reading eCommerce Masterplan by @Chloe_eCMP

Chantal:  It is PR, social media & communications for small biz & authors – w coverage guaranteed

Jackie:  so important to biz – I’m looking forward to your talk on 8/3

Jackie:  mmm must check that out, if u were to start again, wld u do anything differently?

Chantal:  Thank you! @1230jackie I love learning from other people’s expertise and I like books/talks that are very practical and useful

Chantal:  I would listen to myself more and less to other people’s ‘advice’

Jackie:  gut instinct rings true so often. u obviously have gr8 successful biz – what is success about 4 u success – is it all abt money?

Chantal:  No, not really, Money is part of it but having autonomy over my own life is the most important

Jackie:  .@LindaMac1 Linda MacDonald morning Lynda – thnx for joining us

Jackie:  so I know you’re a fab host, so who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Chantal:  sorry the www was on a go-sloooow today! 🙂

Jackie:  same here – tis v slowwwww, last question coming up …

Chantal:  Ideally I’d invite my clients. They r amazing, skilled, knowledgeable &

positive thinkers – dinner – inspiring. I’d like to spend >time w them chatting!…

Jackie:  last Q – what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Jackie:  @Croydonfeed #beckbromfl #croydon thnx for RT x

Chantal:  as an employee: u r employed to do what ur employer asks. As an entrepreneur: listen to yourself!

Jackie:  thnx so much for your time Chantal – we’ve loved having u as our guest- next week our guest is @JuliaThompson

Jackie:  have a gr8 weekend everyone, see u same time same place – 10.30 am Friday

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