Snippets from Christine Collen – 13 January 2014

Christine CollenChristine:  @cjcollen: ready to rock with twitterview  / morning!

Jackie:  ‘morning Christine – everyone! gloriously sunny here – hope it is with u / Christine, plse tell us something abt biz

Christine:  morning all. I build & host business web sites. I make having a web presence as simple as poss

Jackie:  so valuable to have someone u can trust with that, do u have link to yr w/site for us?

Christine:  here’s the link to my web services site

Jackie:  I know u v biz lady – any time for book-reading?

Jackie:  airwaves seem v slow today – apols to viewers *wave*

Christine:  I’m going thru 2 techie books abt Web Analytics & Responsive Web Design – I gotta keep my skills up

Jackie:  so what’s success abt for u, is it all abt £ ?

Christine:  No its not about money – success means satisfied clients coming back for more of what I can do for them

Jackie:  I love all my interviewees – such honourable peeps – cld u share anything u’d do differently if 2 start again

Jackie:  Hi Ali @costawomen – *wave* to Spain – thnx for joining us!

Ali @costawomen  Pleasure, sorry I couldn’t arrive earlier 😉 / Hi *wave* to Spain – thnx for joining us!

Jackie:  Anything u’d like to promo with us?

Christine:  My web packages include 1 year hosting, easy-to-use CMS, unlimited pages from as little as £595

Jackie:  that sounds v reasonable – get those phones going folks!

Jackie:  Last Q coming up – hope u’ve enjoyed Christine….

Jackie:  What’s the best piece of advice u’ve been given?

Christine:  best advice – be yourself and enjoy what you do in business

Jackie:   Thnx again Christine, everyone – next week our guest is Ali Meehan @costawomen – 10.35 am – have fab w/e all x

Christine:  thanks for the opportunity – I will stand down now and calm my nerves :o)

Jackie:  LOL! u were brilliant! thnx again

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