Snippets from Clara Gibson – 29 November 2013

ClaraGibsonJackie:  ‘morning everyone – v warm welcome to special guest Clara Gibson! @drastic2fantast

Clara:  @Drastic2fantast Great to be doing twitter view with you today Jackie xx

Jackie:  All sitting comfortably? Clara, plse tell us something abt your biz

Clara:  Coaching 4 women enabling them to transform their experience of their lives, health, relationships, effectiveness & their success

@WeirdSid: I do so enjoy the Twitter interviews on Friday mornings!  Jackie:  lovely to see u here Liza!

Jackie:  I really enjoyed your Conference recently

Clara:  ty Jackie – it came together brilliantly and all the women got so much out of it!

Jackie:  any time for reading biz books? which one at present?

Jackie:  Kiss that frog, Think and Grow Rich

Jackie:  What’s the one biz mistake you’d like to share with us?

Clara:  Not having accurately worked out the amount I have spent on my training over the years to calculate my fees.

Jackie:  If you’d like to live anywhere else, where would it b?

Clara:  By the sea, with a view of the setting sun, perhaps in Chile!!!

Jackie:  which quality do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Clara:  Entrepreneur as my maverick tendencies are too strong!

Jackie:  What about Success? is it all abt £ for u?

Clara:  it’s not all about the money success is about making the difference for as many women as possible & with that = ££

Jackie:  when did u start networking & how has 1230TWC been successful for u?

Clara:  I started networking 2 years ago & 1230 TWC has been very very educational to me as well as meeting great women & YOU

Jackie:  awww thnx *blush* – lovely meeting u too! Last question coming up..

Jackie:  Do u have something you’d like to promote with us Clara?

Clara:  Yes – The Drastic to Fantastic busy women’s transformation programme and Road Show – next full event will be April’14

Jackie:  April ’14 looking forward to that – where will that b?

Clara:  London

Jackie:  It’s in the diary! Don’t 4get everyone *waves* 26 April ’14 London in diary.

Jackie:  last question – what’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Clara:  abseil off a 100′ high viaduct, swim out through durdle door & get caught in the swell, diving – loved all

Jackie:  Huge Thank u Clara & to all viewers – next week our guest is…

Jackie:  Thnx Liza, Trish everyone for joining us, next week guest is @tamsinfd Tamsin Fox-Davies, plse join us then

Clara:  Huge ty to Jackie & everyone who’s followed our chat this morning – do get in touch to book a free 30 min call

Jackie:  @Drastic2fantast @WeirdSid @trishaewood all – have gr8 w/e – 10.30 am 6/12  with @tamsinfd just follow

Jackie:  Entirely my pleasure  speak soon all

Clara:  Have a great day and weekend Jackie and everyone. xx

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