Snippets from Clover Lewis – 3 October 2014


Jackie:  GOOD MORNING EVERYONE & welcome to my world #1230KISS Friday 10.30 am with Clover Lewis. @CloverLewisSwim  How r u Clover?

Clover:  Hello! And good morning! I am here!

Clover:   Wonderful! It’s a gorgeous #Friday and I’ve been looking forward to speaking with you. Hello everyone!

Jackie:  Hey that’s gr8 as I no u’ve had the techno gremlins with u this am ! Plse tell us abt u’re biz Clover

Jackie:  Grt stuff – the sun has got its hat on!

Clover:  Oh yes! the gremlins are about but it’s always good to have a plan B in life & business!

Jackie:  Please tell us about your business

Clover:  I’ve had a happy hectic few months with my #designer #post surgery #swimwear brand & #campaigning for @BCCare

Clover:  apologies – the Internet gremlins are drip feeding me your responses – not good! #1230KISS / love it!

Clover:  Clover Lewis Swimwear can be worn after lumpectomy, mastectomy or breast reconstruction.

Clover:  Confidence-boosting, great fitting swimwear to be worn after #breastsurgery

Clover:  My swimwear has a #positive message for #women: “LOOK GOOD OUTSIDE. FEEL GREAT INSIDE.”

Clover:  My business is my way to deal with my own #breastcancer diagnosis: I wanted to learn how to dive.  and couldn’t find youthful designer #mastectomy swimwear, so designed my own!

Jackie:  Yep, guess we can all understand that. What abt u Clover R U a champagne or beer n skittles gal?

Clover:   #Champagne – with my glass permanently half full!!

Jackie:  so how’s the diving & your health?  Clover:  Diving is great! I learnt diving in #bikini I made & I gained #confidence & my business idea too

Jackie:  What’s success abt 4 U. Is it all abt ££

Clover:  My #Success is abt creating value for others & legacy of my existence. These are #priceless

Jackie:  sounds like you’re a Super Star! I hesitate to ask, but what’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Clover:  Believing I could live after hearing ‘You have #Cancer‘ I’ve overcome this & I’m positive every day!

Clover:  I feel great now so I fundraise and model for the charity @BCCare to show there’s life after #cancer

Jackie:  Well I know u certainly look GREAT! #1230KISS Last question coming up…

Jackie:  What’s the best advice u’ve ever been given?

Clover:  Best #Advice? ALWAYS believe in yourself – you are Gold! Don’t sell yourself short.

Jackie:  Thnx so much Clover 4 u’re time, hope u’ve enjoyed. Same time same place next Fri byeeee

Jackie:  Truly amazing lady

Jackie:  Thnx so much for sharing with us – have fab day x

Clover:   Thank you! And followers please support @BCCare by donating here-thanks!






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