Snippets from Cynthia Koni – 30 August 2013

CynthiaKoniJackie:  @koniaccounts Good morning Cynthia our special guest today – How r u?

Cynthia: very well thank you.

Jackie:  Plse tell us something abt your biz

Cynthia: I help businesses to max on bix profits and improve c/flows

Jackie:  that sounds interesting, how do u do that?

Cynthia: by looking at diff revenus streams or reduce on costs. and collect debt using a tried methodology .

Jackie:  invaluable! What things keep u awake at night with excitement about your biz?

Cynthia: things to implement for the coming day and customers I wld be in touch with gets me excited.

Jackie:   what’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Cynthia: starting Koni Accountancy Services is the scariest thing yet. More to come am sure.

Jackie:  when did u start networking & how has 1230TWC worked 4 u?

Cynthia: networking in 2011 infact it was at 1230TWC Orpington. helped me meet more entrepreneurs with like mind.

Jackie:  Fab! gr8 to know!

Jackie:  what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Cynthia:   treat everybody with respect at all times.

Jackie:  what’s success abt for u Cynthia? Is it all abt £

Cynthia: Success based only on £ is very empty. to me success also involves how good my relatnship with people in my life is

Jackie:  Last question coming up now Cynthia, thnk u so much for today, hope u’ve enjoyed..

Cynthia:  yes it has been great!

Jackie:  Last Q – what wl b on your biz epitaph?

Cynthia:  Helped Biz owners to reduce their pain and increase profitability.

Jackie:  Next week’s guest is Bianca Miller @bestyleduk – bye everyone *wave* c u then!

Cynthia: Thanks and have a good day everyone that joined us. and thank to you Jackie! wave

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