Snippets from Debbie Hunt – 1 June 2012

Today’s Twitterview with Debbie Hunt  @Lexusfleetsouth

Jackie:  Fab morning everyone especially to our special guest Debbie Hunt @Lexusfleetsouth  how r u Debs?

Debbie:  good thanks – little nervous I will mess up #1230kiss x

Jackie:  no u won’t, don’t worry – nobody else will know anyway LOL! Ok, here we go – plse tell us something about  something about ur business

Debbie:  I mainly look after Business 2 Business sales of Lexus cars – small & large co’s through consulative approach

Jackie:  niiiice… what’s your personal favourite ?

Debbie:  would have to say the New GS – took onehome last night – amazing and beautiful drive, was smiling round M25!

Jackie:  I know from our chats Lexus r v cost effective to run, perhaps if we have time u can tell us more in a mo about that, but what do u feel has been ur greatest challenge, whether personal or business?

Debbie:  yes some are very tax efficient – see how we go!

Debbie:  personal running the London Marathon, business coming back to full time work post kids

Jackie:  both v different challenges & u obviously need to be congratulated on success of both!

Debbie:  -)…

Jackie:  now some secrets to share 🙂 plse share something with us that u’ve not shared before

Debbie:  bit partial to Pilchard and Pickled onion sandwiches -can’t eat them before an important meeting!

Jackie:  LOL!! have to watch for that then! 🙂 what is success for u – is it all about the money?

Debbie:  never been about the money – for mee having happy customers that become advocates and to feel I have made a difference

Jackie:  Sounds like excellent customer relationships! What would u consider to b the best advice u’ve been given?

Debbie:  would have to say – be yourself – its the person you’re best at being

Jackie:  that’s gr8 one! As we head into the last question & prepare for a fab Jubilee w/e, who’d be around u’re dinner table of great thinkers?

Debbie:  would hve to say Richard Branson, Ellen Macarthur, Nelson Mandella, Dale Carnegie there wld be so many!

Jackie:  interesting mix – hope I be fly on wall! Thnx so much for u’re time Debbie, hope u’ve enjoyed – nxt …

Jackie:  next 1230KISS is 10.30 am on Friday 11 June – same time, same plse – have wonderful w/e everyone

Debbie:  I have thanks – was easier than I thought! Think I put all the right #’s in

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