Snippets from Debbie Lock – 19 October 2012

Jackie:  Good morning Debbie! @Jobfindersltd and all our fab followers. how r u this morning? #1230KISS

Jackie:  @WWisewolf thanks Wendy for joining us, I’m sure you’ll enjoy

Debbie:  Good morning Jackie, we’re well and hope you are too.

Jackie:  airwaves very slow this morning, stick with it, plse say Hi all u lurkers 🙂

Jackie:  all fine & dandy thnx – plse tell us something about your business Debbie

Debbie:  We are a small, independent Recruitment Consultancy. We operate in all areas of commercial activity & very busy!

Jackie:  so what is success about for you

Debbie:  Earning well, being well respected but sleeping well at night too!

Jackie:  that all makes a lot of sense! which wld u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Debbie:  Entrepreneur without a shadow of a doubt but aren’t we all a bit maverick?!

Jackie:  I guess!! now I guess I know the answer to this but trainers or stilettos for u?

Debbie:  Actually comfortable in both but you will only have ever seen me in Stilettos!

Jackie:  do u have something u’d like to promote with us specially?

Debbie:  Yes, as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are donating 1% of all perm invoices to The Breast of Bromley.

Jackie:  what’s the best piece of advice you’ve received & followed

Debbie:  Treat others are you wish to be treated yourself.

Jackie:  Fantastic! you’re doing a gr8 job. when did u start networking & how has #1230TWC been successful 4 u?

Jackie:  gr8 one that we’d all do well to be mindful of

Jackie:  Before we have my last question, anyone out there have a question for Debbie?

Wendy:  @wwisewolf  Hi Debbie – what is your best advice to job seekers pls?

Jackie:  good question Wendy – Debbie?

Jackie:  last question coming up Debbie, thank u so much for your time, hope you’ve enjoyed… who would be around your dining table of positive thinkers?

Debbie:  CV to be concise, well written and contain strong key words for online CV searching.

Debbie:  Alan Sugar, Stephen Fry, Victoria Beckenham, Peter Brown, Richard Branson, Peter Jones and Karen Millen of course!

Jackie:  I’ll be a fly on the well for that one!

Jackie:  good tips there #1230KISS thnx – anything else Wendy?

Wendy:  No great advice – thanks Debbie

Jackie:  OK – thnx everyone, special guest Debbie Lock @jobfindersltd 4 your time, hope u enjoyed – next Fri our guest is @gloriahalim

Jackie:  have a gr8 weekend – 26/10 10.30 am with us & @GloriaHalim

Debbie:  Thanks Jackie and Wendy! Enjoyed our chat. Have a great weekend all

Wendy:  thanks you have a good weekend too

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