Snippets from Deborah Durack – 13 April 2012

Jackie:  Good morning everyone – our guest this morning is Deborah Durack @bright_ed  – welcome Deborah – please tell us something about your business

Deborah:  I tutor science and maths and am a school speaker in all things STEM

Jackie:  wow – that’s different – how did u start with that interest – what age do u train?

Deborah:  At 21 I completed a physics and electronics degree and then worked as an electronic engineer, I then retrained in 1990 to be a teacher

Jackie:  any particular business book you’re reading at the mo?

Deborah:  Yes – how to mind map by Tony Buzan – great tool for business and for teaching – I even have a how to tweet mind map!

Jackie:  ah, the Tweet map is new, better check that out! thnx for tip. What’s best piece advice u received?

Deborah:  Laugh and the world laughs with you not at you – my dad taught me not to fret over the small stuff

Jackie:  I know you’re booked in for the 1230 Conference on 19/6 what 1 thing compelled u to book?

Deborah:  very excited about the 1230 Conference – awesome speakers – awesome women

Jackie:  it’s really interesting as so much of the advice in these #Twitterviews is from Dads. OK.. r u champagne or or beer & skittles gal?

Deborah:  Champagne and fine dining – no skittles and definitely no beer! I am a pampered princess!

Jackie:  How delishiously divine – love it

Jackie:  now I know everyone is itching to know – what dream for your business r u realising now?

Deborah:  We have just gained sponsorship from Texas Instruments to take their new dataloggers into schools

Jackie:  B*** y Fantastic! how exciting! last question coming up Deborah who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Deborah:  My husband Sean, you of course Jackie, and the Dragons from Dragon’s Den – ideas and investment

Jackie:  diaries out then 🙂 Thnx so might Deborah for your time, hope u enjoyed, thnx also 4 viewers & #FFs next week’s guest is Michelle Douglas-Mann, 10.30 am 20/4 to find out her challenges – c u all then!

Deborah:  It was great fun Jackie – Thank you

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