Snippets from Donna Still @ultimatelife – 26 August 2011

Good morning everyone and a special welcome to Donna Still of @ultimatelife – Donna plse tell us something about yr business

Donna: we empower positive people who want to profit from better performance by providing a personalised pathway to…

Jackie:  that sounds pretty powerful stuff – what keeps u awake with excitement about yr business?

Donna:  designing and developing empowering experiential training programmes for small business owners

Jackie: Good morning! #1230KISS / ‘morning Callie, glad u can join us

Jackie:  so something about u Donna – r u a beer & skittles Gal, or champagne?

Jackie: ‘morning to Ali and Spanish viewers!

Donna: I’m more your beer gal #1230KISS

Jackie: Cheers! Donna!

Jackie: what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given Donna?

Donna: The best advice I have ever been given is to trust your instincts and inner guidance

@costawomen: ‘morning to Ali and Spanish viewers! /*waving from Spain* Love positive people! @ultimate_life

Donna: always ask, does it feel right???

Ali Meehan @costawomen:  Would you say it’s harder for small businesses to stay focussed on the end goal?

Donna: I think it’s easier as a small business to get side tracked by day to day stuff!!!

Donna:  having a plan is vital

Ali Meehan @costawomen:  having a plan is vital (and sticking to it – those winds which blow about don’t help!)

Jackie: 4 that Donna, v useful – what g8t thinkers wld u like around yr dining table?

Donna: Great thinkers -share my table with Napolean hill, Ralph waldo emerson & tony robbins 4 starters

Jackie: can’t profess 2 know all names, but that looks like a powerful mix!

Donna: I’d also invite paul cohelo and deepak chopra

Donna: yes a very powerful mix, there are more too!!

Jackie: guess it depends on the size of the venue! last Q coming up, what is success 4 u Donna, is it all about money?

Donna: Over so soon! success for me is about having the freedom to do what you love and love what you’re doing – and get paid

Jackie: that sounds perfect! thnx so much for sharing with us this morning Donna, hope u enjoyed.

Donna: it’s been an absolute pleasure, thank you for inviting me

Jackie: next Friday 2/9 10.30 am GMT we’ll be joined by Tina Jonasen – so same time, same place , look 4ward to seeing u

Donna: I look forward to joining you 27/9 at the Orpington 1230 network lunch

Tina Jonasen:  @1230jackie Looking very much forward to my #Twitterview #1230KISS next Friday 2/9 10.30 am GMT @ThinkInNewAreas

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