Snippets from Elaine Wildash – 24 November 2013

Elaine_WildashJackie:  Sofa or deskside TODAY 10.30 am #1230KISS with special guest @webdandy Elaine Wildash 

@webdandy #1230KISS ‘morning everyone & especially Elaine @webdandy How r u this morning Elaine?

Elaine:  Good morning Jackie. I’m great – how are you? #1230kiss / I’m gr8 too thnx, cold is rapidly disappearing!

Web Dandy is a web design company. We work with clients to produce bespoke, visually stunning websites.

Jackie:  Does that inclue SEO Elaine?

Elaine:  Yes, it does. I don’t think a web designer can be without this when developing a site nowadays. SEO is so important!

Jackie:  Excellent! I have someone who needs your services. Do u have time for reading biz books?

Elaine:  Thanks Jackie.

Jackie:  any time for reading business books

Elaine:  Most “business” books I read tend to be around coding rather than “Enterpreneurship”

Moving the business forward, keeping the work interesting and staying on top of new technologies.

Jackie:  if u were to start over again, would u do anything differently?

Elaine:  I’d think more long term and have a 5 – 10 year plan in place

@OlaAgbaimoni: .@webdandy how are you managing to keep SEO relevant given Googles changed to penguin

Elaine:  Thats a good question Ola. Its really still all about good content, social media and links to your site

@OlaAgbaimoni  any special tips?

Elaine:  Try to keep refreshing your website content with interesting content then market via social media & try guest blogging.

Jackie:  What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Elaine:  Leave a full time job to start a new business. Scary but exciting too!

Jackie:  is that guest blogging on other sites and/or invite peeps to guest blog on your site, Elaine?

Elaine:  Could be both Jackie – its a good way to get content if you have a blog and to make contacts with other blogs.

@OlaAgbaimoni  whats the most important things that should be on the first page of your website?

Elaine:  Ola I would make sure that you have good content, social media feed(s), ways to contact business.

@OlaAgbaimoni Is that for Home Page?

Elaine:  Many of those things apply to internal pages too. Its about making it easy for site visitor to find info & contact you.

Jackie:  what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Elaine:  Don’t micromanage and learn from your mistakes. So easy to want to control everything!

@OlaAgbaimoni  So easy navigation?

Elaine:  Yes, def. making sure navigation is clear is key

@OlaAgbaimoni: .@webdandy #1230kiss is website security becoming more of an issue for small business what can they do?

Elaine:  To be honest website security has always been a concern esp around WordPress and hosting.

Its best to make sure that your hosting is using most up to date protocols and that WP is updated

…as new versions come out. that applies to plugins too – don’t use ones you don’t trust and update

Elaine:  Thank you – great questions.

Jackie:  I heard abt plugin yday, grrr can’t find name, sorry, will post later

Elaine:  Plugins are great for WP but can be a problem too. Thanks Jackie and Ola for a great Q&A

@OlaAgbaimoni whats your least favourite thing about WordPress

Elaine:  Coding a WP theme is what I hate most. All in One WP Security is good – there are a few good ones out there

Jackie:  thnx so much Elaine, hope u’ve enjoyed & Ola for some gr8 Qs. have fab w/e all, same time next Fri

Elaine:  Thanks Jackie for having me 🙂 Touch bases soon!

Elaine:  @OlaAgbaimoni @1230jackie thanks again!

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