Snippets from Emma Burford – 10 May 2013

Emma Burford, Social MediaJackie:  Good morning Emma @emmaburford and how r u today? >> FAB 🙂

Emma:  Cannot wait for our twitter view  here we go!

Jackie:  Please tell us something about your biz

Emma:  I run 2 online directories and a new social marketing membership club find out more 

Jackie:  What keeps you awake at night with excitement re your biz?

Emma:  Lots of new ideas but currently a new Magazine App I’m researching

Jackie:  interesting! keep me posted on that one! what’s success about for u Emma? Is it all about the £

Emma:  Absolutely note I love to support people and that’s my biggest buzz although money is an added bonus…

Jackie:  If u were to start all over again, would u do anything differently?

Emma:  I don’t look back no point wasting time on the past I believe all I learn along the way shapes the future

Jackie:  When did you start to network for your business and how has 1230 TWC been successful for you.

Emma:  A number of years ago now I’m a natural networking and find #1230Jackie very supportive

Jackie:  Anything you’d like to promote with us?

Emma:  I’d like to help you develop your social marketing 6 pack join me for a FREE Taster

Jackie:  on your biz epitaph, what would it say?

Emma:  In a minute! LOL I’m working on changing that though 😉

Jackie:  last Q coming up, which do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Emma:  A bit of both is required to succeed I don’t always conform and admire those with spirit

Jackie:  thnx so much Emma, hope you enjoyed… next week is Debbie Jones – have gr8 w/e see u all then!

Emma:  it was fun went too fast many thanks Jackie for your twitterview and enjoy your weekend 🙂

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