Snippets from Erika Watson – 20 June 2014

Erika_watsonJackie:  Here we go! ‘morning Erika – hope you’re sitting comfy… Plse tell us something about Prowess

Erika:  @prowessHQ  Prowess is an online centre and blogging platform for women. Our vision is an environment where women in business can flourish

Jackie:  Always an excellent organisation in my experience – what’s your role there Erika?

Erika:  I’m editor and director of Prowess. We also have 12 regular columnists and 100+ occasional contributors.

Jackie:  Any time for business reading?

Erika:  Now reading: How to be your own boss as a single mum by Ali Golds and My Business My Success

Jackie:  Excellent resource – could u pop the url in for us Erika plse? Whats been your greatest challenge?

Erika:  My greatest challenge was becoming a homeless, unemployed single mum at 22. Starting my own business was a liberation!

Jackie:  How many children do u have? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Erika:  I’ve been a mum for 25 years… and just stopped paying for childcare this year!!

Best advice: Market test before you invest. When you’ve proved the market, don’t hold back.

Jackie:  OK.. Do u have something u’d like to promote with us?

Erika:  The Manifesto for Women in Business. General Election 2015 – why women need to be on the agenda:

Jackie:  I/we need to follow that through, thn Erika, So which quality do you prefer to work with entrepreneur/maverick?

Erika:  I am prob both entrepreneur/maverick but work best with an organiser/ completer-finisher. Big fan of complementary skills

Jackie:  Now how about food choices.. R U a champagne or beer n skittles kinda gal?

Erika:  Ten cups of tea a day ideally in a hand-crafted ceramic cup. Big fan also of UK-based Designer-Makers 🙂

Jackie:  Always an exciting scary mix! Last question coming up – thnx so much for joining us Erika, it’s been informative..

Who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Erika:  Positive thinkers with purpose I admire are: JK Rowling, Jacqueline Novogratz, Oprah, Muhammad Yunus.

Jackie:  Excellent, some new peeps for me there, so research! Thnx so much Erika, so enjoyed. Thnx also all who joined..

Erika:  Thank You Jackie, it’s been a pleasure! Love the format and look forward to following in future.

Jackie:  Look forward to seeing you all again, 10.30 am Friday 4 July with Lily Mensah @ladymensah



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