Snippets from Eva Snijders – 2 August 2013

EvaSnijdersEva Snijders @evasnijders
Preparing for my twitterview with #1230jackie at @1230KISS Hashtag  Please listen in and send any additional questions

Jackie:  Hi Eva, Tell us a bit about your business

Eva:  Benefits of Storytelling: team building, alignment, communication flow, knowledge sharing, motivation, branding.

Jackie:  Which business book are you reading at the moment?

Eva:  I think we ought to redefine what business books are. 😉 Currently rereading The Element by @SirKenRobinson

Jackie:  What keeps you awake at night with excitement re your business?

Eva:  I get very excited with each new challenge, the possibility of transformation.

Jackie:  If you were to start over again, what if anything would you do differently?

Eva:  I would not invest all my personal savings in my business.

Jackie:  What is success about for you – is success all about money?

Eva:  Success is about doing what you love, being in your element and making a difference.

Jackie:  Your greatest challenge, whether personal or business?

Eva:  To convince people and organisations of the urgent need to make a shift and enter the XXIst Century.

Jackie:  How do you spend your ideal Sunday?

Eva:  A good walk, a good read, and a good meal in the company of good friends. : )

Wendy Mason @WWisewolf
@1230jackie Garden, food and loving family – #idealSunday

Jackie:  Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Eva:  Trust your guts.

Jackie:  What is success about for you – is success all about money?

Eva:  Success is about doing what you love, being in your element and making a difference.

Jackie:  One business mistake you’d like to share with us

Eva:  For some time, I thought that “anybody” could be my client. That is never true and doesn’t help to make decisions.

Eva:  Hi Wendy! Are you listening in?

Jackie:  When did you start to network for your business and how has 1230 TWC been successful for you?

Eva:  In 2000. 1230 TWC has helped me expand internationally, connect with like minded women and learn from them.

Jackie:  Something you would like to promote

Eva:  Storytelling as a tool for change and innovation (rather than marketing and advertising).

Jackie:  If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Eva:  I’d live anywhere in Europe, but especially in Italy.

Wendy Mason @WWisewolf
Oh me too RT / I’d live anywhere in Europe, but especially in Italy.

Jackie:  Which quality do you prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Eva:  I’m a bit of a maverick myself, I work best with those who need to be pushed or lured out of their comfort zone. 😉

Jackie:  If you were to be one business woman for a day – who would you be?

Eva:  Where to start? Coco Chanel, Benazir Bhutto, @sherylsandberg, @Oprah, Anaïs Nin, Simone de Beauvoir, @melindagates

Jackie:  On your business epitaph – what would it say?

Eva:  She was a pain in the ***, but she made a difference. LOL

Jackie:  Are you a champagne or beer and skittles type of girl?

Eva:  Red wine. Any time.

Jackie:  Where would you be on a rainy day – for your business?

Eva:  Making apple pie. And everyone would be invited. 😉

Jackie:  Smoked salmon or fish and chips?

Eva:  Either one, depending on the occasion.

Jackie:  Thanks so much for your time Eva, hope you’ve enjoyed it, last question coming…

Eva:  Thank you for inviting me, Jackie! I’ve enjoyed it very much.

Jackie:  Who would be around your dinner table of positive thinkers?

Eva:  @costawomen @javicreus @johncleese @SirKenRobinson @imastranger @elena_mendez_dv @gomezdelpozuelo @vandewiel

Eva:   @1230jackie …and you, of course! Are you in for some positive dining? : )

Jackie:  Thank you again Eva, everyone, look forward to seeing you at 10.30 am next week. Our guest is Fiona Monson – have gr8 w/e everyone

Thank you Wendy @wwisewolf for joining us

Eva:  Thank you, Jackie! Have a great weekend!

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