Snippets from Evelyne Brink – 6 January 2012

Jackie:  I’m here Good morning to you both! / midwife just left, @EvelyneBrink with us in a second 🙂

MORNING Evelyne, morning everyone – here we go! Evelyne plse tell us something about your business

Evelyne:  HI Jackie! IN a nutshell, I’m helping creative souls to prosper…

Morning @PaolaBagnall, morning Ali over there in #Spain big *waves* @CostaWomen

Jackie: Evelyne, could u expand on that a little plse, how do u help them prosper

Evelyne: so that means I work with people one to one and I’ve just written a book called The Artrepreneur-

it’s about going from creative flow to cash flow. Integrating our artistic values to our business= authentic success

@PaolaBagnall  morning Ali and Jackie and Evelyne. what is your book about Evelyne?

Jackie:  ah, so tell us a bit about the book, where can pps obtain?

Evelyne:  It’s out on Amazon!

Jackie:  Excellent! now Congratulations on forthcoming baby, has that affected what u eat? r u salmon & Champagne or beer & skittles? 🙂

Evelyne:  I got 2 babies coming this month! I’m not sure it affected what I eat though. was looking forward to strange food.

I’m definitely lychee spritzer and fresh Edamame beans 🙂

or Mohito and Ferrero Rocher. When I’m not pregnant of course…and only 1 as I’m a lightweight 🙂

Jackie:  you’re expecting Twins!!!!! ???

Evelyne:  well…one baby is my book and it’s launching at the Hospital Club on the 16th. The other is human.

Jackie:  that sounds v healthy. what about success 4 u E – is it all about the money?

Evelyne:  It’s all about the money.That’s why I’m a creative happy spirit working with creatives. I think about nothing else 😛

success for me comes from succession.It’s about the fun of building a juicy foundation to grow &blossom our potential.

Paola:   You talk about creative flow and cash flow on your web site Evelyne. And when is your baby due? Babies are creative!

@NLPWarrior  (Heather) Morning I love hlp creative souls. I’ve awakened my creative soul through socmedia and internet. Do you find the same?

Jackie:  and the best piece of advice u’ve ever received, would u like to share?

Evelyne:  the best advice I got was: we don’t have time. We make time. My elementary school teacher Miss King taught me. Royal!

Jackie: excellent advice – last Q coming up – if u one business woman 4 the day, who would u be?

Evelyne:  thank you! I’d be Oprah for a day to experience. Then back to me please!

Jackie: Definitely couldn’t be without u!

Evelyne:  thank you Jackie and everyone!

Evelyne:  Brilliant. 🙂 Kiss!

Jackie:  Evelyne -I know u’ve bought Paola’s Hypnobirthing book – do u have any Qs 4 her u can share

Paola:  Having a one track mind is the way to success I have found. So concentrating thoughts on what you want.

Jackie:  yr clients sound lucky pps

Heather:  Morning I love hlp creative souls. I’ve awakened my creative soul through socmedia and internet. Do you find the same?

Paola:   thanks for buying my book. Email me if you have any questions.

I do not find soc media creative, more time consuming!!

Evelyne:  I love finding ways that work for my clients and I love this work. We have fun and create powerful success. It works!

creativity is universal but runs through each of us in a different way. it’s the spark we’re after, really

Creativity is universal and expresses itself individually- in different forms. We’re looking for essence-life energy

Paola:   you sound a great person to work with. I feel your enthusiasm over Twitter!

Heather:  blog got me writing, video got me sharing & editing,design, the sharing gets me opening up who I am

Jackie:  Special thanks Evelyne & Everyone for this morning, next week’s guest is Radio Queen @AndreaVybz

Paola:   Good to take part! Have a great weekend everyone.@NLPwarrior @EvelyneBrink @1230KISS @costawomen

Evelyne:  There is little point in struggeling doing what you don’t love.

Jackie:   Big thanks again everyone, conversation will be on sooon – thanks Evelyne x

Paola:   You are right you have to believe in something with a passion to achieve success.

Evelyne:   thank you and all the best with your new book!

#1230 kiss thank you! I’m no longer a Twitterview Virgin…that was fun / lol! glad u enjoyed, so did we!

Next week – Friday 13 January at 10.30 am Andrea  see you then!

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