Snippets from Felicity Dunderdale – 28 March 2014

felicity_dunderdaleJackie:  Here we go! ‘morning Felicity@Fore_Women – Everyone! how r u today?

Felicity:  Great thank you, raring to go

Jackie:  Excellent! would u plse tell our viewers about your business?

Felicity:  Encourages women that play or want to play golf and helps golf clubs attract more women to their club

Jackie:  interesting… so any particular location Felicity?

Felicity:  Mainly in Kent and growing into Essex and Surrey, vision to become global

Jackie:  so success for u would be?

Felicity:  For me success is recognition of being the golf brand for women, any level of ability

Jackie:  do u have anything u’d like to promote with us today?

Felicity:  Yes, I’m hosting a women’s golf event for beginners @TudorPark on Wed 11 Jun, with guest beginner golfer

Jackie:  Do u have a url for us plse?

Felicity:  Sign-up for FREE to join the community and receive newsletter with full details

Jackie:  what quality suits u better – maverick or entrepreneur?

Felicity:  I’d say Entrepreneur, always have new ideas to help and improve

Jackie:  last question coming up Felicity, gone so quickly this morning! ….

Jackie:  who would b around your dinner table of positive thinkers & what’s scariest thing you’ve done? = 2 Qs 🙂

Felicity:  I’d definitely like dragon jones and Daniel Priestley at my dinner table – inspirational

Felicity:  Scariest thing I’ve done, white water rafting in NZ & going to a golf club b4 I started to play to enquire membership

Jackie:  interesting! look where u r now! obviously the way to go. Thnx so much for your time – hope u enjoyed….

Felicity:  Yes thanks, enjoyed it loads. Grateful for the opportunity and to welcome new women to my golf vision

Look 4ward 2 seeing u F on Weds

Fabulous, c u Wed. Have a great weekend everyone

Jackie:  watch out for coming weeks with Dion Johnson, Vanessa Spiers, Jennifer Jane Brewster, Sarah Arrow, Clover Lewis..

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