Snippets from Fiona Coppard – 7 October 2011

Good morning everyone & a very warm welcome to our 1230TWC Special Member Guest this morning Fiona Coppard – Hi Fi & welcome

Fi, would u plse tell us something about your exciting new business

Fi:  I’m very excited about my new smart nutrition business as I want to help people feel great about themselves

Jackie: I can imagine how exciting & different that is for you – something about u – r u a beer & skittles Gal or champagne?

Fi:  def champagne girl any of you who know me will already know that

Jackie:  Deffo!!! Do u have something u’d like to promote to today’s followers?

Fi: yes I’m offering a discount of £40 on my 8 week nutrition programme to get you in top shape for Christmas

Jackie:  Wow! that’s a great opportunity, careful of everyone beating down your doors!

Jackie:  What’s been your greatest challenge, whether personal or business

Fi:  my biggest challenge apart from my business is beating breast cancer something that really makes you stronger

Jackie:  those of u who know & love u, have u in our thoughts – this has been a particularly difficult year for u – which quality would u like to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Fi:  Both really I like someone who is exciting and a challenge but also someone who would keep me in real world

Jackie: Who would u like around your table of great speakers?

Fi: Steven covey

Jackie:  ah, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – they work for you!

Fi: I try to have good effective work methods sometimes they work 🙂

Jackie:  sounds perfect! Last Q coming up – which restaurant do u like to reward yourself with?

Fi:  def Raymond Blanc le manior in Oxford the best ever

Jackie:  mmm need to check that out – thnx so much Fi for sharing with us – next week @pennypower is our Guest – enjoy..

Jackie:  Enjoy the rest of your day Fi & Everyone…

Fi:  you’re welcome and see you very soon x

Next Week – Friday 14 October, 10.30 am join us with Penny Power

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