Snippets from Fiona Monson – 16 August 2013

FionaMonsonJackie:  Good morning Fiona @fionamonson @ArmidaBR – everyone – plse say Hi!
welcome Fiona, plse tell us abt your biz

Fiona: I am an insolvency practitioner and aim to help businesses and individuals with financial difficulties find solutions @armidabr

Jackie:  a difficult topic for some I would imagine, believe u have something new u’re launching soon, plse tell us abt that

Jackie:  @eelanmedia  – thank u for your RT – glad u can join us, Hi Wendy @wwisewolf

Fiona: I am launching a specialist service for solvent liquidations when people have money and wind up usually for tax reasons

Jackie:  Wendy Mason @WWisewolf   @EelanMedia  @fionamonson  Waving to all!

RT @WWisewolf:  @EelanMedia  -@fionamonson  Waving to all! / *waving* back!

Jackie:  any time for business book reading?

Fiona: I try! Am following web based training programme from my coach with business coach @PaulHannam through @FastGrowthClub1  @armidabr

Jackie:  what’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Fiona: That you learn from your mistakes – at least you should! – I try to embrace them not beat myself up.

Jackie:  sound advice, so easy to forget, especially not beating ourselves up What is success about for u?

Fiona: Success is living by your values & maximising what you can do for yourself & others & never stopping learning.

Jackie:  something more about u, how do u spend your idea Sunday?

Fiona: I’m a choir junkie so a gig with #GamesMakerChoir & home cooked roast dinner. Maybe a cycle ride to work it off.

Wendy Mason @WWisewolf
RT @eelanmedia: @fionamonson never heard of that before is it common ? #insolvency

Jackie:  Do u have a biz mistake you could share with us?

Fiona: Agreeing to do work when uncomfortable with client.  Usually comes down to their values & moral code differing to mine

Jackie:  Sounds good – which quality do u prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

Fiona: Entrepreneur.  You need a mind set where you want to develop & grow, mavericks can have great ideas but can be gremlins!

Jackie:  What would b on your business epitaph?

Fiona: My friends would say my business epitaph would be She Didn’t Suffer Fools!

Jackie:  @WWisewolf / LOL! just glad u can join us Wendy!

Wendy Mason solvent liquidations when people have money and wind up usually for tax – I think

Fiona: Yes #solventliquidation is when a company is wound up when it has money. there are about 4000 a year.  

Jackie:  Last Q coming up – who would b around u’re dinner table of positive thinkers

Fiona: @RichardBranson for my son, my business coach @PaulHannam & Stephen Richards a prolific +ve thinking author.  @ArmidaBR

Jackie:  Thnx so much for u’re time, hope u’ve enjoyed, thnx to views, especially Wendy & Ola

Fiona: Thanks Jackie, it’s been fun!  Have a great weekend everyone

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