Snippets from Heather Bond @heatherbond1 – 1 July 2011

Jackie:  and a very warm, if belated, welcome to Member Guest this morning Heather Bond of e-solutions…. Hi Heather

Jackie:  Which quality do you prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick

Heather:  A combination of the two 🙂 I suppose a truly visionary entrepreneur

Jackie:  sounds like the perfect combination – nice one Heather! now, bit more about you! Would u say you’re a stilettos or trainers Girl

Heather:  Trainers! I have really wide feet and have never been able to do stilettos 🙂 Comfort for me!

Jackie:  What keeps u awake at night with excitement re your business

Heather:  There are a lot of companies with long trainings – I’m aiming for KISS (Keep It Short & Simple). Social media in 40 mins per day

Jackie: that sounds very interesting, so watch this space then.  What about success for you Heather, is it about money, or…?

Heather: Success for me is about freedom. And I guess money plays a part – free to live my purpose – part of that involves cash

Jackie: thank you so much Heather for joining us 2day, look 4ward to hearing about yr KISS – have g8t w/e

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