Snippets from Jackie Walker – 28 October 2011

Jackie WalkerJackieG: Good morning Jackie! & a v warm welcome to u & our #1230KISS “viewers”. How r u?

JackieW: good morning, I’m feeling magically wonderful thank you!

JackieG:  Wonderful! plse tell us something about yr business Jackie

JackieW:  I support people to feel at home in their own skin so that they can create loving and successful relationships and I also create short videos #bletherreport each day which draw wisdom from nature

JackieG:  that sounds interesting – do u have something that you’d like to promote with us today on that?

CostaWomen:   Morning! Is there a link to those Jackie?

JackieW:  Yes here’s my YouTube Channel …

JackieG:   mmm need to investigate that.. I believe yr doing “something” with @NLPWarrior Heather also?

JackieW:  I’m working with @NLPWarrior with her Love Audit, which is an exciting online & offline project #1230KISS

JackieG:  what keeps u awake with excitement about yr business?

JackieW:  Lol, nothing, I sleep like a baby each night after knowing I’ve done my best each day and tomorrow’s another one!!

JackieG:  LOL! Good for you, I like that! & what about u, r u a beer & skittles or champagne Girl!

JackieW: Both in the right measure and context! I’m usually a red wine girl but a good pint after a long walk is welcome!

JackieG:  sounds perfect! What about success 4 u Jackie – is it all about the money

JackieW:  Success is about money but more importantly about me growing into myself and supporting others who choose likewise

JackieG:  makes good sense – last Q coming up Jackie, – what’s the best piece of advice u’ve been given?

JackieW:  Best advice – There’s my business, your business and God’s business, keep your nose in the right one 😉

JackieG: WOW! Good one, like that! thnx so much 4 2day Jackie, hope u’ve enjoyed – have a g8t w/e & thnx everyone joining us – nxt wk, same time, same place – @JaneMilton will be special guest – see u then

JackieW:  and thank you, it’s been fun and a pleasure, have a great weekend one and all

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