Snippets from @JackieBarrie – 15 July 2011

1230Jackie: A warm welcome to our special Twitterview guest JackieBarrie &  Followers – how r u today

JackieBarrie: Looking forward to being Twitterviewed. Please be gentle with me!

1230Jackie:  LOL! and good morning to our @costawomen ! 1230Jackie, plse tell us a bit about your business

JackieBarrie: I provide writing without waffle to help small businesses make more money. I also train people how to do it themselves.

JackieBarrie:  And I write books and give away loads of free information on my website, blogs and newsletter

1230Jackie:  bit more about you – r u a champagne or beer & skittles type of girl?

JackieBarrie: Champagne, please

1230Jackie: what’s been yr greatest challenge?

JackieBarrie:  Achieving my OU BA honours degree while working full-time. It took 6 years.

1230Jackie: WOW! that’s serious dedication – Congratulations!

1230Jackie: Which quality do you prefer to work with – entrepreneur or maverick?

JackieBarrie:  Anyone with a budget!

1230Jackie: LOL! Followers, take note! with which possession wld u most like to reward yourself?

JackieBarrie:  Another convertible roadster. I’ve had an MGF and an MX5 before. So much fun!

1230Jackie: hair flying – I’ve seen u! Jackie, do u have a special project currently working on/coming up?

JackieBarrie:  Lots of projects on the go at the mo – web reviews, web copy, newsletters, blogs, social media

1230Jackie/JackieBarrie: I’ve learnt lots from your books, etc…  // Thanks -)

1230Jackie: Do u have a preference, which do u find most rewarding?

JackieBarrie: I’m a writer, always wanted to be a writer, I always have been a writer. it all comes from being writer

JackieBarrie: Knowing what message to communicate, what’s in the mind of the audience, and what’s the right channel to reach them

1230Jackie: sorry, needed to edit your last posting re writing..

JackieBarrie:  lol!  *Note to self, keep replies short enough for retweeting!

1230Jackie: mmmmm just wondering if we need to add the # as using Tweetchat?

JackieBarrie: According to this, Tweetchat adds the hashtag automatically  http//

JackieBarrie: And when I get a spare moment I’ll work on Book 3!

1230Jackie: look 4ward 2 that – Jackie, last Q coming up, thnx so much for yr time, hope you’ve enjoyed….

1230Jackie: what about success 4 u, is it all about money?

JackieBarrie:  There is wealth in friends and family as well as in money and property – I’m lucky on all counts.

1230Jackie you’re to be complimented on that too – enjoy.

1230Jackie Well thanx so much again Jackie for sharing with us. Next Fri we welcome Sonia Brown

1230Jackie …… so book yr place now, 10.30 am Fri 22 July – g8 w/e everyone

JackieBarrie Can I do my ‘sales pitch’ now? My new book, The Little Fish Guide to Networking http//

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