Snippets from Jane Kenyon @divadomrocks – 24 June 2011

Jackie:  Good morning everyone & a v warm welcome to special Guest Jane Kenyon @divadomrocks – how r u this morning Jane?

Jane: outstanding jackie and raring to go

Jackie: welcome Jane! if you’d like to tell us a bit about yr business plse

Jane: i am passionate about female empowerment so my mission is to inspire women and teenage girls to step up and shine EVERY DAY!

Jackie:  that must have many challenges, shed a few tears as well as smiles. Such valuable work. Somethg about you Jane…..

Jane:  I am a born entrepreneur, who loves to engage with an audience, the bigger the better and am pretty good at ranting about stuff!

Jackie  what made u change from pic to avatar?

Jackie: one of my Divas had one, I admired it and her son did this for me as a gift – just had to use it for a while, not permanent

Jackie: think I know the answer to this, but r u a stilettos or trainers kinda Gal?

Jane: my heart says stilettos my head and my knees say trainers or fitflops!

Jackie love it!! I’ve had interesting responses over past few weeks about what success means… what about u Jane? is..

Jane: success is about doing what you love and loving what you do and getting paid for it! It’s about being in flow and in the zone

Jackie: what’s been your greatest challenge, whether personal or business?

Jane: growing a business in this economy when most people are making decisions based on fear and the banks put us all in straightjackets

Jackie: what is success about for u, is it about money?

Jane: true wealth is what’s left when the money is gone! as someone that has made and lost serious money this is a lesson well learnt!

Jackie:  what’s the greatest advice you’ve ever been given

Jane: you cannot love anyone else until you love yourself’ – from a very wise man I met on my MBA in 1990 – always stayed with me

Jackie: Is there something special you’re doing at the mo. u’d like to tell us about?

Jane: just launched BIG SISTER mentoring project for teenage girls – awesome! so much interest from schools, girls and women – get on board at

Jackie: Wow! that sounds so exciting – get in touch with Jane if you can help. One last Q Jane plse.

Jackie: we’ve loved having u here this morning… thank you so much. Would u prefer to work with entrepreneur or maverick?

Jane: good one well as a bit of a maverick myself better be an entrepreneur! too many mavericks equals good one well as a bit of a maverick myself better be an entrepreneur! too many mavericks equals many ideas but little action I feel!

Jackie: grt one! Well, it’s time to close now, thnk again Jane for joining us. #1230KISS Snippets always follow us up.

Jane: thanks Jackie great to share my first twitterview with 1230 – loved it cya soon , enjoy the sunshine and keep doing what you do!

Jackie: catch us again at 10.30 am 1 July – have excellent w/e everyone!

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