Snippets from Jane Milton – 4 November 2011

Jane MiltonJackie: Good sunny morning everyone & a Big Welcome to our v special guest this morning Jane Milton @foodnetworking

Jane: good morning – wet start in London but still a great day

Jackie: some webbed feet out there! Welcome Jane – plse tell us something about your business

Jackie:  special *WAVE* to all our “luckers” 🙂 please say Hi!

Jane:  I create teams to help food manufacturers solve problems & I speak & write about food worldwide – great job, I know I ‘m lucky

Jackie: sounds fantastic Jane, how long have u been doing that?

Jane:  I’ve been working with food businesses for 25 years – 16 running own business

Jackie: Wow! that’s brilliant – something else about u – r u a smoked salmon or fish n chips type of girl?

Jane:  oooh fish chips, mushy peas & a tumbler of wine on the beach at Whitstable please

Jackie:  Fab! & how does success look for u Jane? Is it all about the money?

Jane:  money is of course needed but it’s about people & product – I’d need to believe in a project to want to work on it

Jackie:  so great integrity there then… what’s been yr greatest challenge?

Jackie:  any Qs for Jane

@mediawisdom  can you give any tips for new businesses with a new food product on best way forward? / good Q

Jane:  best advice is do your research & be sure you have a viable product to start with – acknowledge what you don’t know

Jane:   Greatest challenge- I hope it’s still to come – need to feel stretched & challenged – always want to do better next time

Jackie:  last Q coming up, which quality do u prefer to work with, maverick or entrepreneur?

Jane:  entrepreneurs 100% they push limits but they take intelligent risks and I love their passion & creativity

Jackie:   thnx so much 4 yr time Jane – hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Next week we welcome Carol Hustler

Jackie:  thnx again Jane

Jane:  my pleasure, off to finish a presentation for Monday now – that was fun!

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