Snippets from Jenny Brewster – 25 April 2014

Jenny_BrewsterJackie:  #1230KISS – morning everyone & special welcome to our guest Jenny Brewster Hey Jenny!

Jenny:  @postcastacademy  Morning Jackie – bear with me and the technology LOl x

Jackie:  technology! always challenging us – plse tell us abt your biz Jenny

Jenny:  I’ll be using a mixture of tchat, twitter and hootsuite – just in case

Jackie:  ditto! let’s see which is quickest!

Jenny:   I love it, its not just me thats a technophobe – this is the first #twitter interview I’ve had

I show you how to promote, position & profit through podcasting in itunes. I love what I do

Jackie:  what exactly is podcasting Jenny? some of our viewers – Plse say Hi *wave* may not know

Jenny:  Its a mini radio show, talking about what you’re passionate about and benefiting from the iTunes global audience

Jackie:  I know you’re a v busy successful biz woman – what’s success abt 4 u? Is it all abt £?

Jenny:  No Money = No Business, but the satisfaction of helping women to podcast is what I LOVE

Jackie:  thnx I’m thrilled to have been a guest! So what wld u like to promote with us today?

Jenny:  The Podcast Academy @ its such a powerful tool that is taking the UK by storm.

Jackie:  How do u like to spend your ideal Sunday?

Jenny:  with the family in St James Park, I love spending time with the kids

Jackie:  if u were one biz woman for a day, who wld that b?

Jenny:  Definately john lee dumas he’s built an incredible business

Jackie:  on your biz epitaph, what wld that say – long way off we hasten to add!!

Jackie:  interesting you choose a guy!

Jenny:  He has a great business model – I’d aspire to being half as good as John lee dumas is. You should check him out

Jackie:  on your biz epitaph, what wld that say – long way off we hasten to add!!

Jenny:  She had a bloody good go and enjoyed every minute

Jackie:  Fantastic! What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Jenny:  Always plan a sales forecast 3 months in advance – from my corporate days in American companies

Jackie:  will do! what keeps u awake at night with excitement re your biz?

Jenny: Who to interview next, how to grow the biz, how to do things better, who can I do JV’s with

Jackie:  Good one! What’s the scariest thing you’ve eve done?

Jenny:  Jeepers – invoicing, accounts – anything like this bores the socks off me.

It takes a lot to scare me – Im a risk taker. Meeting my own expectations I guess.

Jackie:  what’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

Jenny:  Big Yes: Email Persuasion @ianbrodie, 24 Carat Bold @bookmidwife The exceptional speaker by @mediacoach

Jackie:  last Q coming up – thnx so much for your time, hope you’ve had a fab one

Jenny:  Thank you so much for having me Jackie, its been a pleasure

Jackie:  Biggest risk? R u a smoked salmon or fish n chips kinda gal?

Jenny:  Definitely smoked salmon, love it – fish and chips is just too greasy for me, the greener the better

biggest risk is is probably moving around the world with my husbands old job.

Jackie:  gr8 tastebuds note to end on! thnx again Jenny,all viewers

have a gr8 w/e all – c u all next Fri 10.30 am!

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