Snippets from Jenny Robertson – 4 May 2014

jenny_robertsonJackie:  Very Good morning Jenny! Jenny Robertson @JennyRo64616776 Welcome to #1230KISS & to all our viewers *wave* have your legal questions ready

Jenny:  Thanks Jackie, nice to be here! Hello everyone

Jackie:   Jenny plse tell us something abt your biz

Jenny:  I’m a corporate lawyer which means I help clients with starting, organising, buying and selling businesses and companies

Jackie:  Guess that means you’re pretty busy keeping up-to-date with things – any time for reading biz books?

Jenny:  Not a lot! But I’ve been reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg recently. She has some interesting insights for women in business

Also Mothers Work, which has some great tips for working mums, particularly “get a grip on guilt”!

Jackie:  guilt, is that something u find difficult Jenny?

Jenny:  There’s always that nagging worry that working mums have that we’re not being good enough mums or not doing a good job (or both!)

Jackie:  What keeps u awake at night with excitement re your biz

Jenny:  Working with start ups – it’s really rewarding to help set up a business and then see them through to investment and sale

Jackie:  Do u have something u’d like to promote with us?

Jenny:  Every small business should make time for a legal health-check once in a while, even if they don’t use a lawyer for it

Look at your key assets, contracts and relationships to check everything is in order and spot issues before they arise

Jackie:  do u offer Health-check clinics? what is your firm’s url

Jenny:  Yes, always happy to help. Free initial chat of course!

Jackie:  so, as we come to Bank Hols – r u a champagne or beer n skittles type of gal?

Jenny:  Gin and tonic every time! Looks like we’re in for a sunny one so may be time for G&Ts in the garden.

Jackie:  So useful for our viewers to know that – thanks! cheers! #1230KISS #bizitalk What’s the scariest thing u’ve ever done?

Jenny:  Holding tarantula in “friendly spider” programme at London Zoo. Surprisingly soft, but don’t want to do it again!

Jackie:  LOL! Cheers! What’s success abt for u, is it all abt £

Jenny:  It’s about getting the right balance between doing a good and interesting job and having a good life

Jackie:  Last question coming up Jenny – thnxso much for being my guest – hope u’ve enjoyed…

Jenny:  Thanks for having me, it’s been fun!

Jackie:  What’s been your greatest challenge whether personal or biz?

Jenny:  Getting the right balance between doing a good job and having a good life! But it’s a worthwhile challenge I think!

Jackie:  16 May my fab guest is Britt Whyatt @shewhobakes1, followed by brill Sarah Arrow @saraharrow 30 May! Can’t wait!

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